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My newest and most expensive makeup products: Tom Ford Blush in 03 Flush and 06 Cheek Brush review and swatches

August 27, 2012 Melbourne VIC, Australia

My lovely friend gave me a Tom Ford cheek brush the other day, which I was gob smacked about! As it's such a nice brush, I though I should invest in a Tom Ford blush to use it with. These are currently my most expensive makeup products I own, and they will probably have that title for quite a long time! The blush contains 8g of product and costs $85, and the brush costs a whopping $110. In Australia you can buy these products in David Jones.

06 Cheek Brush

The brush is a work of art. It is the 06 Cheek Brush, and is made of goats hair. It is made in Japan and is supposedly a Hakuhodo brush. It is extremely soft, beautifully crafted, and immensely dense. I used the Tom Ford blush with this brush and with another brush, and this brush transfers the product so much better than any other blush brush that I own. I think it is because the bristles are so dense that the product stays on the tip of the brush and allows for perfect application, and means you use less product for the same result.

Would I recommend this for $110? Well, you can tell it's a very high quality brush, but I almost feel it is wasted on me, as I am quite easy to please when it comes to brushes. I do appreciate this brush, and I do recommend giving it a go if money isn't an issue, but I think this is where my Tom Ford brush collection starts and finishes.

Blush in 03 Flush

The packaging of this blush is very impressive, it even comes with a pouch so you can avoid getting the shiny brown and gold case scratched. It also comes with a good sized mirror which I am always happy to see. The container closes with a magnet, so it makes a satisfying click when you close it shut.

Photo taken while indoors
The shade 03 Flush is a vibrant coral pink, the photo taken indoors looks more pink than what the blush looks like in real life, and it looks a lot more dull. I tried to take a photo of this blush while in sun light but it just bleached out the photo. The only way I could accurately capture the colour was on my phone. Here is a photo below of what the colour of this blush looks more like in real life.

iPhone photo

This blush is very pigmented, but is not at all chalky or powdery. It is very finely milled and smooth to apply.

Swatch without flash - heavily swatched and blended out
Swatch with flash - heavily swatched and blended out
The swatch without flash shows more a true colour of the blush, the swatch with the flash is far too pink, but demonstrates the slight shimmer that this blush has. The shimmer is barely noticeable, but gives a nice gold sheen. This is my perfect coloured blush for summer, and I am looking forward to getting a lot of use out of it. I usually am reluctant to use something this expensive on a regular basis, but I did buy it with the intention to appreciate it and to get the most out of it.

The best thing about this blush (other than the colour) is the fact that it applies extremely evenly. A lot of my bright blushes create a bright spot on your cheek and you spend a lot of time trying to buff it out and spread it out evenly. This blush does not have that problem, it applies effortlessly and is perfectly even. I also love that this blush is quite pigmented, so a little product goes a long way. It would be a shame to have spent so much money, and you hit pan within a few months.

Would I repurchase this? I think this blush will last me a long time, but when I run out I would consider investing the money again to replace this colour. This was the brightest most out there colour of the six shades available, and I would consider investing in a more toned down shade in the future, but I think because of the price of this blush, I will be in the distant future.

What's your most expensive makeup product you own?


  1. wow what a beautiful blush and brush! but i cant believe the price, $110 for a brush?! you could buy a whole sigma set with that i think lol. Regardless, that is a beautiful brush and the blush is a gorgeous colour as well, enjoy!

    1. I know! I am glad it was a gift, my real techniques set was only a little more than that!

  2. The blush looks lovely, as does the brush. I've lusted after a couple of Tom Ford things but cannot bring myself to buy them. I think my most expensive makeup product is my Diorskin Rosy Glow Blush which was £29.50, but I got it 15% off in a beauty sale in Debenhams.
    You have a lovely boyfriend though! :)
    S xx

    1. I never would have thought my most expensive item is a blush, but yours is too :)

      Na it wasn't my boyfriend, sadly - it was a friend who works at Tom Ford, and he gets free items every so often


  3. That blush looks absolutely gorgeous! The shade is right up my alley and the formula sounds lovely. Doesn't hurt that it's completley luxurious! The Tom Ford line hasn't made its way to Toronto yet- can't say that I would splurge on anything quite that expensive, but it's still fun to dream :)


    1. I don't think I could justify splurging like this again any time soon :P


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