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Sportsgirl Make Scents perfume review!

August 28, 2012

I am loving the new things that Sportsgirl are bringing out these days! Yesterday I was having fun playing with their nail art pens (see my review on it here), and today I am rolling their perfumes all over my arms. I first saw these in store about a month ago, so they are pretty new to the Sportsgirl beauty range. Heads up, I was sent these by Sportsgirl, but I can honestly say that if they didn't, I would have happily bought at least two of these, maybe even three... and eventually probably all of them.

This is the whole range, so there are four to collect. Each perfume contains 12mL of perfume and costs $9.95. What I am most happy to say about this range is that I would wear every one of these scents, and I am actually quite picky with what perfumes I like.

The Sweet Truth (pink label and floral packaging)
"A floral scent wrapped in oriental inspired flower wallpaper, The Sweet Truth hits you with a hint of bergamot spice and an underlying aroma of sweet tea. With a touch of jasmine, freesia and orchid, The Sweet Truth is a perfect floral mix" - Sportsgirl website

I thought this would be the sweet smelling perfume, since it has sweet in its name - but it is definitely the most floral smelling perfume of the four. It is a nice young pretty smelling floral, and definitely not a stale grandmother smelling floral.

Bright Young Thing (purple label with colour blocking design)
"A citrus based fragrance that evokes a sense of youth, whimsy and summer. A fresh mandarin and wild strawberry scent to begin with, Bright Young Thing slowly matures into a delightful jasmine and sandalwood aroma" - Sportsgirl website

This is the most citrus and summery smell. It's not a harsh citrus, but is still quite sweet citrus. If you like fresh summery scents, then try this one.

Into The Wild (turquoise label with waterfall design)
"A musk base scent, on first application Into The Wild evokes a dark chocolate and Sicilian lemon fragrance, which gradually evolves into a honeysuckle and lily aroma" - Sportsgirl website

This is the hardest for me to describe, it's probably the cleanest smelling scent of the four - almost like white linen with a soft floral scent. This is also the most mature smelling scent, not in a bad way, but more in a way that I think this would be the perfume that would be most work appropriate, or the most suited for a special event

Over The Rainbow (red label with colourful painted effect)
"A floral scent with a hint of musk, wrapped in a rainbow of watery colourful raindrops, Over The Rainbow is both calming and enchanting. A fresh kiwi and red lychee fragrance mixed back with a heated musk and white chocolate aroma" - Sportsgirl website

This is definitely the sweetest of the four perfumes. It is a fruity musk which smells like a delicious cocktail. This reminds me a little of the Brittney Spears perfume range - which I personally really like. 

The packaging of these are superb! They are really eye catching with all the different colours, and its a nice touch having a rose gold lid! The container is glass too so it feels quite expensive. I also love the way that it contains a roll on applicator. I haven't used a roll on applicator for perfume for years, and I forgot how handy it can be. A roll on make it so much easier to control the amount you use. The size of the bottles are great as well, they are pretty much the size of a pen, so it makes it super easy to fit in any bag you want - even small clutches. I think I will be bringing one of these in my bag with me at all times.

After smelling these for so long, its hard to pick my favourite, but I think Over The Rainbow is probably the one I am drawn to the most. It's smart of Sportsgirl to have such distinctly different scents - sweet, fresh, clean, and floral, because it caters for everyone. I spoke to the girls working at the Sportsgirl store yesterday and they said that Over The Rainbow was the most popular, but the three girls working in the store all had a different favourite. One thing that I also like about these is that if you like a floral sweet smell, you can buy Over The Rainbow and The Sweet Truth and mix them, I have had fun this afternoon trying different combinations of smells. The only downside to these perfumes is that the scent doesn't last all day, I wore this to work today and it wore off after about 5 hours. If this was a big clunky bottle then this would bother me because I wouldn't want to carry it around, but because these are designed to be handbag friendly then it's easy to reapply during the day.

These are awesome for the $9.95 price tag, and would recommend picking up one, two, three, or all of these. They are fun, eye catching, smell nice, and are in the most handbag friendly perfume packaging I have ever come across, pretty much if you can fit a pen in your bag, you can fit one of these! These would also be a perfect gift idea! Note to Sportsgirl, you should sell these in box sets.

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  1. this is a great post,i love sportsgirl beauty products/accessories! i cant wait to try these and the nail pens out :)


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