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Smashbox Brow Tech and Cream Eye Liner Palette - review and swatches

August 16, 2012

This is a Smashbox Brow Tech and Cream Eye Liner Palette, which I think is discontinued now... but there are still similar palettes out there, but they only contain the eyeliners and not the brow powders and wax. I was given this by my friend who never used it, and who thought I would like it since I love eyebrow products. I don't know how much this would cost, but I think it would be similar to the newer eyeliner palettes which cost $46.95 in Australia, and $32 in America.

This container is sleek and black, and has the rubbery finish like NARS. It is really small and thin, the container is probably the size of a credit card, and as thin as the handle of an eye shadow brush. There is also a good sized mirror in the lid. This is the perfect travel size palette, but note that this does not come with an applicator.

There are four brow products and six eyeliners. There is an eyebrow wax, and a taupe, a brunette, and a blonde powder to go over the top of the wax. For the eyeliners, image is a shimmery green colour, thunder is a matte grey, putty is matte taupe, caviar is matte black, picasso is a matte navy blue, and midnight brown is a matte chocolate brown.

Brow Tech swatches
Swatch without flash. Left to right: taupe, brunette, blonde
Swatch with flash. Left to right: taupe, brunette, blonde

I really like the colour choice of these brow powders, you can mix them to get a really natural eyebrow look. The only limitation is that there isn't a really dark colour for people with dark brown/black hair. I would probably use taupe the most during the day, brunette when I want a more sculpted eyebrow look, and when I run out of taupe I will probably mix brunette and blonde to make a light brown.

Eyeliner swatches
Swatch without flash. Left to right: image, thunder, putty, caviar, picasso, midnight brown
Swatch with flash. Left to right: image, thunder, putty, caviar, picasso, midnight brown

I like the colours of these, they make a great liner selection. My only issue with these are that they are a horrible eyeliner product! They are too dry to get good colour pay off, and they smudge very easily.  See how badly they smudge below, where I compare caviar to MAC's Fluidline in Black Track.

Left: Smashbox Cream Eyeliner in Caviar. Right: MAC Fluidline in Black Track

As you can see from the photos above, not only is it not as black and pigmented as MAC, but after I let them dry for at least 5 minutes, one swipe of the finger almost wiped Caviar completely off. This would make a horrid eyeliner!

On a brighter note, I actually have a full sized version of a Smashbox cream eyeliner in Java which is a darker than Midnight Brown, and I love it. I hate it as a liner, but it is my all time favourite eyebrow product! It is moist enough to stick well, it lasts longer than a powder, and dry enough to make it look quite natural. You can also use a little for a natural look, or you can layer it on for a more dramatic sculpted brow. Since I love this product for my brows, I was happy to recieve this palette from my friend. I don't see this as being an eyeliner palette, it is purely an eyebrow palette in my opinion. Of course I won't be able to use the blue, green, and black for my brows, I will still probably use them as a cream eye shadow, but I will mix the rest of the colours to use as eyebrow colours.

Would I recommend this? Maybe. It is a good way to sample the colours before you buy a full sizes cream eyeliner, but the full size versions of these cost $32.95 in Australia and $22 in America and contains 1.4 grams of product. Since this palette contains 1.5 grams, you are looking at paying $14 more in Australia, and $10 more in America to get the palette versus the full size cream liner.  Like I said, this is great to sample a range of colours, but if you want value for money this isn't what you are looking for.

I would never recommend these eyeliners to anyone who actually wants an eyeliner, but if you want a nice brow product, then try a colour like putty or midnight brown.

Edit: this post has actually inspired me to buy Putty in a full version from ebay. Thinking of how much I love my Java one made me jump on ebay and look these up. I saw Putty for $12.30 including shipping, and I couldn't resist. Bargain! If you love a good eyebrow product, look these up on ebay!

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