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Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain review and swatches - Cherish, Sweetheart, Rendezvous

August 6, 2012

These aren't released in Australia yet, but after all the rave reviews floating around, I thought I would check good old ebay to track some down. I managed to buy these for $10 each, which included shipping. I carefully chose these three: 015 Cherish, 025 Sweetheart, 040 Rendezvous (and Crush which is a dark colour, but I got the wrong one sent to me so I will only review these three for now).

I firstly got Rendezvous, which was a no brainer for me, I love orange lips and this is the only orange toned colour in the 12 colour range. I also got Sweetheart which is a bright yellow toned pink, I chose this one because it was the closest thing they had to coral, and I'm generally not a pink lip gal. Lastly I got Cherish, which is the lightest of the three that I got, and is a light purple toned pink. I love purple toned lip products, and there is a shade called Darling that is more purple toned one than this one, but by the swatches I looked at it looked pretty dull, so I went for this one, and I am super happy with my choice!

The product:
I would go out on a limb and say that these might actually my all time favourite Revlon product (I have used many, and I love Revlon). These are pretty much lip balms that also stain your lips. I love this idea because normally lip stains really dry out your lips, and coloured balms don't last very long on your lips, so this is the best of both worlds. I really like this product, I liked it from the very first application. I find that the balm lasts for 1-2 hours depending on how much you are eating and drinking, but the stain wearing time differs with each colour - for example the stain of Cherish lasts maybe up to 3-4 hours, but Sweetheart is the strongest stain of these three and lasts much longer (possibly closer to 6-8 hours), and Rendezvous is somewhere in between. I have heard reviews saying that these don't wear unevenly like other stains - I don't agree, I think they act as normal stains and they do wear a little unevenly if you don't keep reapplying throughout the day. The balm has a minty smell and a menthol tingly feel when you first apply them, this soon disappears which is good because this smell isn't the nicest mint smell, its more of a toothpaste smell.

These are surprisingly pigmented for a balm, and you can try to apply them more sheer than I have in the swatches below, but if you do that then you don't get the full nourishing effect of the balm, and the stain probably won't last too long either. If you get any of the bright colours, be prepared for a bright lip!

They do have a good range of colours, but they have a huge range of pinks but not enough orange/coral colours in my opinion. They do have nude colours, but I chose not to get a nude colour because I liked the sound of the stain element more than the balm, and I doubt how well a nude stain works. I am looking forward to trying some of the dark colours.

The packaging:
I love the packaging, they are in that crayon twist up package which is similar to Tartes lip stain and Cliniques Chubby Stick (neither of which I have tried). I really like this crayon application thing, it really is a no mess no fuss way of applying lip balm. I also love how the plastic of the packaging accurately represents the colour of the product. My only concern for this is that what happens when the tip wears off? Will these end up looking more like chap sticks, which will be bad for applying the stain accurately and neatly on your lips?... because I really like these, I will choose to be ignorant on that problem for now.


Swatch without flash:
 Left to right: Cherish, Rendezvous, Sweetheart

Swatch with flash:

Cherish without flash:
Cherish with flash:
 Rendezvous without flash:
Rendezvous with flash:
 Sweetheart without flash:
 Sweetheart with flash:

Overall I love love love these, I have been recommending them to everyone (even though they aren't out here yet). I thought my favourite would be Rendezvous, but I find myself wearing Cherish the most. I also like mixing Rendezvous with Sweetheart to make more of a coral pink (which the range is missing). I think I will start wearing the under lipsticks too, just to keep the colour of lipsticks last longer. I would highly recommend these if you like long lasting colour, but if you don't like a strong stain then stick to the lighter colours. 

Out of the three I have sweetheart is by far the strongest stain. When I was doing the swatches on my lips, Cherish and Rendezvous were quite easy to take off with makeup remover after about a minute of wear, but this is what Sweetheart looked like after I tired to remove it with makeup remover after a minute of wear...

Has anyone used these? Whats your favourite shade, and have you used this so much that the point of the crayon has gone?


  1. I've been wanting these ever since they came out, but I never got around to buying them on eBay. I think I definitely need to buy a few of them now after reading this! :)

    1. They are honestly love at first application! I have pretty much been wearing these ever day for the last week since getting them. They are pretty bright for work, which is probably why I have been getting more use out of Cherish. I would totally recommend you tracking these down!

  2. Sweetheart is really pretty, I am looking forward to trying these out when they reach Aussie shores!

  3. I have honey and would really like to get charm if it comes out in Australia.


  4. Thanks for the great review and swatches! Rendevous looks especially lovely. Can't wait till these reach Canada! :)


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