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NYX Blush in Pinky and Mosaic Powder in Love

August 23, 2012

I bought these two blushes online a few weeks ago, they are both from NYX which is easy to get online, but I don't think you can get them in store in Australia. I bought the Blush in Pinky for just under $5.95, and the Mosaic Powder in Love for $7.95.

I am not a fan of this packaging, it is very cheap and flimsy. The Mosaic Powder one is the worst of the two, and it doesn't click closed properly. I would be very worried bringing this one in my makeup bag. The Blush container is just as cheap, but it's a bit firmer so it clicks closed well, but is harder to open. I know these aren't expensive products, so cheap packaging is expected, but I have bought even cheaper makeup that comes with better quality packaging, and packaging that even contains a decent sized mirror.

The Blush contains 5.2 grams of product. The shade Pinky is actually a really pretty blush, it is a very girly slightly blue toned pink that contains a slight silver shimmer. It's not overly shimmery, but the slight shimmer makes the blush look less matte and powdery. This is very pigmented and is easy to pick up a lot of product on your brush - so be aware of clown cheeks. This blush is pretty easy to blend and ends up looking very pretty. Both these two blushes smell pretty cheap and chemically which is a bit of a shame. See swatches later in this post.

The Mosaic Powder contains 5.7 grams of product. This is a nice orange blush, but I am not as impressed with the formula of this Mosaic Powder as with the Blush. It has the same matte with a slight shimmer finish (in this case the shimmer is gold), but its not as pigmented as the Blush. The mosaic pattern looks interesting, but its not very practical, you can't choose to use only one segment as a blush. I did swatch each colour below just to show you what they look like.

The colours aren't that different when swatched - the first colour it the shade that is on the top and the bottom in the above photo, the second swatch is of the colour on the left, the third is the center colour, and the last is the dark colour on the right.

Swatch without flash
Left: Love swatched heavily and then blended. Right: Pinky swatched heavily and then blended.
Swatch with flash
Left: Love swatched heavily and then blended. Right: Pinky swatched heavily and then blended.
Overall, these blushes are fine, you can't really complain for the price of them - I am sure if these were in Australian stores I would have bought many more of these by now, but I don't think I would go too much out of my way to hunt these down on the internet. I do much prefer the Blush to the Mosaic Powder, I just feel like you are paying for the look of the Mosaic Powder, and you lose out on quality. I would definitely consider getting more of the NYX Blushes, especially since they are easily accessible on ebay, and because there is a huge range of 24 shades to choose from. I will use this Mosaic Powder because the shade is pretty for summer, but I doubt I will buy many more of them, however they do also have a decent range of 12 shades to choose from.


  1. I never noticed the smell of the blush, and I'm almost finished my Peach shade. Will have to sniff it next time to see if mine smells cheap as well. I like the packaging of the blush (haven't tried the other one) it is pretty sturdy and compact. Each their own I suppose :)

    1. Yeah it is compact, but compared to every other blush I own, I think theses are the cheapest feeling... I know it doesn't matter so much if the product is good, but with reviews you need to comment on most elements of blush - and even though I'm not too fussed with packaging, I know a lot of people are.

      Yeah the smell isn't obvious (unless you actually smell the blush), but because I have have some super nice smelling Bourjois blushes recently, I have taken an interest in how they smell. Sorry for sounding picky, I do really like the NYX blush and would get more.


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