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My collection of eyebrow products, and my three favourites!

August 30, 2012

I love eyebrow products, if I had to leave home with only two items of makeup on, it would be my eyebrows and mascara. So the above photo is everything that I use for my eyebrows, which ranges from matte brown eyeshadows, to eyebrow pencils, waxes, gels etc.

In my collection I have:
  • Various matte brown shadows in my nude z-palette
  • The dark brown matte shade from the Sleek Storm palette
  • Benefit Brow Zings brow shaping kit - Light
  • Smashbox Brow Tech and Cream Eye Liner Palette - see full review here
  • Smashbox Cream Eye Liner - Java and Putty
  • Prestige Brow Perfection Clear Brow Gel
  • Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil - Brown
  • Calvin Klein Brow Definition Pencil - Brunette
  • NYX AUTO eyebrow pencil - Light Brown
  • Prestige Ultimate Brow Definer - Blondy
  • MUA Eyebrow Pencil - Blonde and in Brunette
Before I get into my three favourite brow products, I thought I would mention that my absolute worst product is the NYX AUTO pencil, I bought this online and thought it would be safe to order the light brown, but its orange! Its hideous and I can't imagine anyone liking this colour, I have never, and will never use this! I also hate the Calvin Klein one because the shade brunette comes out black, and it doesn't even have a brush so you can't really blend it out. Now to my favourite products...

#1 Smashbox Cream Eye Liner

These are my number one favourite brow products, and ironically, they aren't supposed to be brow products. I was given Java (the dark colour) as a present with a few other Smashbox products for my brithday in May. I hated it initially, but thats because I was trying to use it as a cream liner. It is a horrible cream liner and I wouldn't recommend this as a liner to my worst enemies. It's dry, it smudges, it is quite sheer, its hard to work with. Well I didn't want to throw it out so I tried it on my brows and it was awesome! It is almost like using a shadow, but it is slightly more moist so it stays better, and you only need a tiny amount of product. This reminds me of using a heavily coloured wax, but it is smoother and easier to use. 

Swatch of Java and Putty
I swatched Java and Putty quite heavily, but then I blended it out a little with an angle brush so you can see what the colour looks like when you apply it to the brows. Java is a pretty dark brown, and I am more inclined to use this at night when I am going out. I have also recently bought Putty on eBay for a more day to day look. Putty is a pretty warm taupe, and would work well for anyone who has light to medium coloured brows. I bought Putty for $14 off eBay including shipping, but I think if you buy these in store they cost about $30+ in Australia. Luckily because they are bad eyeliner products, you can get them cheap online.

#2 Benefit Brow Zings Brow Shaping Kit

My boyfriend bought me this product for Christmas a while ago so I'm not sure how much it costs , but I think its around $50 here in Australia. This is in the light shade, and it gives a perfect natural looking brow. I don't use this as much as I should, mainly because it is a two step process where you use the wax and then the powder on the top. It doesn't sound hard, but when you are in a rush to get to work I tend to always reach for a one step brow product. I do always use this when I am spending more time on my makeup though, and I do think it gives the most natural perfect look. I love that this comes with a coloured wax, I think the effect is nicer when you use the wax as the colour and the power more to set it, compared to using a clear wax and trying to press coloured powder onto it to fill in the colour. I also like that I have been using this for about 18 months and I have heaps left, also this is perfect for makeup bags as it comes with two brushes, tweezers and a mirror.

Swatch of wax, powder, wax and powder

#3 Prestige brow products

The main thing I love here is the pencil, it is just sooo easy to use. This is my brow product for when I am lazy or when I am running late for work. This is similar to the MUA blonde pencil which I also use, but this one came out on top because it has a twisty applicator which means I don't have to sharpen it, and with the MUA brow pencil I am sharpening it all the time. The colour is also a nice taupe and works well for just slightly filling in my natural brows. I decided to put the gel in here as well, it's not my favourite brow product but it is good to use in combination with the pencil. I did more a review on both of these products here. In Australia the pencil retails for $13.95 and the gel for $12.95. 

Prestige brow pencil in Blondy
Smashbox Java and Putty, Benefit Brow Zing Kit gel, powder, and both, Prestige brow pencil in Blondy


  1. That's an impressive collection! Even though brows are an essential step in my daily routine (I over-plucked in high school and I'm left with pretty pitiful brows) I only have a few brow products in my stash. My all-time favourite is the Anastasia Brow Powder duo in Ash Blonde.


  2. Great post! That's a pretty extensive brow collection there! I really enjoy using the Vivo Ultimate Brow & Eye Kit and the e.l.f brow kit- they're both bargain buys.x


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