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MUA Lip Boom in the shade OMG: review and swatches

August 24, 2012

When I placed a large MUA order a while back, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try one of their Lip Booms. This isn't normally a thing I would wear, but it looked like a lot of fun. I decided to get it in OMG which is a coral colour with a light coral gloss that contains translucent peachy gold and pink glitter. This costs £3 on the MUA website, which is about $4.50 in Australia, but I got this while there was a 25% off all products discount. This product comes in eight different shades.

The overall packaging is very cute, and they went to a lot of effort to make it look appearing. I like the holographic logo, I especially like that it is also holographic on the actual plastic, and not just the cardboard it comes in. It comes with Alexandra Burke on the cover, but being an Australian, I have no idea who she is and it is not a huge selling point for me, but might be if you are from the UK.

Here is the fun bit! The single tube comes apart and contains two lip products: a glittery lip gloss (the highlighter) and a lipstick. Just a warning, the end of the lipstick also comes off and looks like a little balm, some people have reviewed this saying that it is a balm, but I think its just a foamy rubber that shows what colour the lipstick is in. It's a bit odd, because if it was just to indicate the colour then it shouldn't come off, and if this is a balm, its a horrible one! An addition of a nice balm would be the perfect way to add an extra element to this product.

The package recommends that you can use this product in four ways: lipstick on its own, the highlighter on its own, the lipstick with the highlighter in the center of the lip, or the lipstick with the highlighter all over the lip. I can't imagine just wanting to dab a bit of gloss on the center of my lip, so I will only demonstrate the three other ways to use this.

Swatch without flash. Left to right: lipstick, highlighter, lipstick and highlighter
Swatch with flash. Left to right: lipstick, highlighter, lipstick and highlighter
The flash photo of the swatches make the lipstick look more pink than it truly is, it is much more coral and the swatches without flash is a more accurate representation of the colour.

Swatch of lipstick
Swatch of highlighter
Swatch of lipstick with the highlighter on the top
Lipstick: The lipstick is a great colour, and has a semi-matte finish, it claims to be matte but I think its a little too glossy to be a matte. It gives a good coverage, but it isn't completely opaque. I find that this lipstick goes on easily enough, but settles into dry bits of your lips and is quite hard to get a nice even look. I did try to remove all the dry skin from my lips before applying this, but it didn't really help. Normally I would love this colour and finish in a lipstick, but this one would be too hard to maintain an even look. One nice thing about this lipstick is that it has a slight caramel smell, I love nice smelling products. I am a little disappointed that I didn't get along with this lipstick because I have read other reviews and most people didn't seem to have this problem as much as I did... and I don't have particularly dry lips.

Highlighter: This gloss smells amazing, its a super strong caramel/vanilla fudge type smell. If you don't like highly perfumed glosses, steer clear, but if you like yummy glosses then this is for you. It only has a slight colour to it, and there is a lot of glitter. The glitter is a translucent peachy gold colour with a little bit of pink glitter. I found that this gloss is not sticky, but it is a little gritty - but that might be normal for glitter gloss, I don't usually wear them so I don't know. This glitter sticks around though, when you try to take this gloss off you get a lot of glitter stuck to your lips.

Lipstick with highlighter: This is a fun look. I do think that when I use this, this is how I will use it. It is super pink and girly, but the glitter gloss tends to take away the dryness of the lipstick and stopped it settling in the dry skin. It's still a little uneven, but its not too bad. The only problem with this is that this combination can wear off easily.

Overall, this is a fun idea for a product. I kinda wish it was of a higher quality, because I would buy one of these for $20 or so if the lipstick was nice, and I would no doubt get a lot more use out of it. If  I were to use this in the future, I would consider putting like gloss over a different coral lipstick that I own. This would be a nice introduction into lipstick for young teenagers, but I don't take this product too seriously, which is a shame.


  1. Looks like a really pretty product, I want to try one of these :) And Alexandra Burke was the winner of the UK X Factor a while back, if you were wondering :) xx

  2. Haha Alexandra Burke isn't a selling point for us Brits either, she won the X Factor years ago and this is the first I've heard from her since, she disappeared off the radar! Thanks for confirming what I always worried about with these, I don't like MUA lipsticks much because of the way they cling to dry patches, yet everyone else seems to adore them! Love the colour though, just a shame about the quality. Gritty glitter is disgusting! I had an MUA lipstick a few months ago and it was 99% glitter, absolutely horrible, couldn't wear it for longer than it took to swatch it! X

    1. I really love MUA, but their lipsticks are their weakest product sadly. I'm glad you agree because all I hear is people reviewing them and saything that they love them! *shrugs*

  3. Good review with your honest opinions and findings! I have to say I love the MUA Lipbooms, so much so I went and got them all as well as loads of back ups for if i run out! :) I don't have the best supple lips at all and the matt lipsticks are brilliant! They are thick with excellent even coverage, the staying power is reasonable and for me they don't melt off in hot weather. The gloss is thick with thick particles but i find this ok, i usually only apply this to the cupids bow to make the look boom! Haha! X

    1. i'm glad you love them! I know they have a lot of potential to be loved, I just didn't have the same feelings about the lipstick - I must be too used to MAC, Estee Lauder and Illamasqua lipsticks that are amazingly pigmented and feel really comfortable. Each to their own though. I do love the concept of Lip Booms though.

  4. Looks like a lovely shade and a versatile product, but sorry to hear the quality isn't the greatest!


  5. I agree, lipsticks are the weakest MUA product! Thanks for sending me this link :) I havent tested mines properly yet, I hope they are good but Im not sure haha xox


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