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MUA Glitter Ball Eyeshadow Palette - review and swatches

August 19, 2012

I recently bought four new MUA palettes to add to my growing collection, and I decided to review this Glitter Ball palette first because it looks like a really fun palette. This costs £4 from the MUA website, or approx $6 Australian dollars - however I did get this while MUA were having a 25% off sale with free shipping. 

This palette claims to "add sparkle to your eyes for ultimate impact" - so be warded all people who dislike glitter and shimmer, this is not the palette for you! There are 12 colours and in total this weighs 9.6 grams.

The packaging is the standard MUA eyeshadow palette package, it has a clear lid so you can easily identify which palette you are picking up, I do wish it contained a mirror though. 

Like all of MUA's eye shadows, these are very soft and pigmented - it is easy to pick up a lot of colour with one swipe of your finger. This palette seems to be a mix of metallic/high shimmer shadows, and some glittery shadows - I find these glittery shades create a bit of fall out. 

Swatches of the top line of eye shadows, without flash
Swatches of the top line of eye shadows, with flash
  • The first shade is the black, it is a matte black that has a lot of fine silver glitter in it. The matte black is very pigmented, and its a great colour, but this does tend to be the colour that has the most fall out.  This is one of my favourite colours in the palette - I wish they had more shadows like this, this is a true glittery shadow, rather than a shimmery shadow.
  • The second shade also has more of a matte base colour with fine silver glitter - this also has problems with fall out, but this is no where as pigmented as the black. You would use this colour when you wanted a more neural eye with a bit of sparkle to it, which I suppose is a little contradiction. This isn't as impressive as the rest of the colours in the palette. 
  • The third colour is a nice emerald green, that apprears to be only a shimmery colour, I can't really detect much glitter. 
  • The last three colours are all shimmery colours that also contain silver glitter. These don't have too much fall out because of the shimmery base, but they can apply slightly more patchy than the other shades, so these would require slightly more blending. I love the fifth teal colour, it's such a pretty colour.
Swatches of the bottom line of eye shadows, without flash
Swatches of the bottom line of eye shadows, with flash
  •  The first two colours here are similar to the blues and silver in the top line, they are a shimmery base with fine glitter in them (the pink has silver and the gold has gold)
  • The third colour here is probably the most wearable colour in the palette for me, and it is just a shimmer without any glitter, and has no fall out problems
  • The fourth colour is a nice shimmery brown with coppery brown glitter - this also tends to have a lot of fall out, and will require a lot of blending to get a nice even colour. It is a very pretty brown though. 
  • The fifth colour is a very pretty silver, and has a nice metallic finish. It has a shimmery base and has fine silver glitter throughout it. This is a true silver colour, and is ridiculously pigmented
  • This last colour is a shimmer without any glitter, and is a very pretty mauve  

Over all this is a pretty fun palette, there is a pretty wide range of colours so it will appeal to a lot of people, but a couple more more warmer colours would have been nice - like orange or yellow. The pigmentation of these shadows are awesome for the price, but often with heavily pigmented shadows comes fall out problems, but once you're aware of it, it is an easy problem to work around. I think the star of this palette is the black, followed by the teal/turquoise. I would have loved to have seen more heavily pigmented matte colours with glitter, the effect of the black is just so amazing, it would have been nice to see maybe a navy or a purple that had the same effect.

If you like fun glittery colours, then this is a real bargain, but for me, I can't imagine getting too much use out of it... I couldn't resist getting it anyway.

This is my attempt at making a wearable look using this palette. I used the second shade of the top line all over the lid, and the fifth shade of the top line in the inner corner.  

Does anyone else own this palette? What do you think of it?


  1. I love the look you created - you have made me want to use this palette :)
    S xx

  2. Oooh, pretty! A nice mix of neutrals and jewel-tones. Thanks for the swatches! :)



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