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August 17, 2012

This is my MUA collection, it significantly increased when MUA were having a 25% off sale with free shipping. I also ordered another single eyeshadow but it didn't arrive in my package. I emailed customer service, hopefully they will get back to me soon :(

I have already done reviews on the mosaic blush and bronzer, the Undressed palette, the Going For Gold palette, and the lipsticks, the powder and the eyebrow pencil. Let me know what else anyone wants reviews on.


  1. I only have 2 MUA lipsticks. I tried for ages to find the love hearts lip balms in store but could only ever find one colour that I didn't want.

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  2. Wow what an impressive MUA collection! I really want some of those palettes, particularly the Urban Decay Naked palette dupes! I'm also in Australia-what website did you get these from? I'm always cautious of buying fakes by accident!

    Love finding other Melbournites! Just reading through your posts now, really enjoying it. Now following you :D

    Just started my own blog recently-


    1. Since MUA is such a cheap brand then you won't have to worry about fakes, I would be 100% confident that if you bought MUA on ebay that they would be genuine. I would worry about fakes with expensive brands like MAC, Urban Decay, Benefit etc.

      I got these on the MUA webite: the only problem is that the shipping isn't cheap, but its a flat shipping rate so if you buy a lot then it is worth while. I also got most of mine when MUA were celebrating 25000 fb fans so there was a discount code for 25% off and free shipping - so I got most of my stuff when that was on.

      Their website is the safest bet when buying their products, but if you only want maybe 1 or 2 things, you might try ebay because it may work out cheaper with shipping.


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