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Lust Have It's 1st year anniversary! - August box

August 23, 2012

Happy 1st birthday Lust Have It! I was so happy to come home to this box today, I had to run outside in the dying light to take some photos before I ruined the pretty bow... so forgive me if the photos are a little dark. Firstly, I was happy to see the bow, it is very sweet and did feel like I was opening a birthday present. It also looked quite jam packed with a good range of products.

So this is what I got, you can read the above photo for more details on each product and the recommended retail prices for the full size version of each of these.

tanGo tan removal cloth: So the description on the card says that this is a tanning glove, but this is actually a tan removing cloth... I like the idea of getting a cloth, I don't fake tan often (and when I do I try to prolong it, and not remove it) but since this says that it also works as a makeup remover, I am super excited to give it a try. The website says that this is made of polyester... interesting.

Update: I just used this to wash my face, its pretty cool... because of the weird material it tends to grip to your skin more. I used this after washing my face, I wet it with warm water and rubbed it over my face, and it took the excess eye makeup off easily. 

Bed Head Glaze Haze Smoothing Serum: I love trying any serum, and this one smells amazing! It claims to make your hair more shiny and also make it dry faster. If it does make my hair dry faster then I will be hooked to this product, my hair takes far too long to dry and is the reason I hate having to wash my hair. The card says that 50ml of this costs $25.95, but the bottle says it contains 60ml... whatever, I'm super excited for this.

Marc Jacobs DOT Fragrance: I usually don't like seeing perfume samples in these boxes, but admittedly, I actually really like this. It is a nice sweet girly fragrance, but is not too sickly sweet - it seems to get it's sweetness from the juicy berry scent, but is kept quite sophisticated with the floral. I also like that this supposedly is a pre-release exclusive, so Lust Have It members are smelling it before everyone else in Australia. I would definitely consider buying this!

Pure Fuji Exotic Bath & Body Oil: This is what I like about these boxes, this is a product that I would never consider buying for myself, but I know I will enjoy using this. This is quite veritle according to the container, you can use it as a moisturiser, as a hair oil, a massage oil or a bath oil! I will probably try it as a bath oil and massage oil, but would be a little scared to put this on my hair. Interestingly this does not have the consistency of an oil, it is more like a gel. It also smells really nice... it reminds me of the yummy orange smelling soap from The Body Shop - yum!

Shiseido Lipstick: This is what I love to see! This is a cute mini lipstick in the shade BE208 which is a really pretty pinky nude colour. This contains 2.5g of product, which is larger than half the size of a normal sized lipstick. That is a great size for a sample since I rarely get through half a lipstick, this is also the perfect handbag size.

Size compared to MAC lipstick
Left: swatch without flash. Right: swatch with flash

Wet n Wild nail polish: YAY! I love nail polish! I have also heard a lot of beauty bloggers talk about Wet n Wild cosmetics, but haven't seen them in Australia, so I am completely chuffed with this! I got black which is perfect for me, and I can't be happier. This is a full size polish that contains 10ml of product.

Pearl Earrings by Style Rocks: This is a nice surprise! This isn't on the list, but because I am a VIP member (aka I paid for a 12 month membership) then I got these earrings included in this months box. These are super cute little pearl earrings, which will suit everyone. There is a little card included that says that these are valued at over $80. This is a complete win! I can't wait to start wearing them.

I love Lust Have It, and I can't say one bad thing about this box. If you want to join up then visit the Lust Have It website. I know that other people get different products in their boxes, I would be curious to see what other people get this month.
Let me know what you get if you have received another box.

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  1. wow i love your box! i wish i got that one.. i received the one with the Rockaholic hair products, body soaps and eyeliner.. yours is so much better though, enjoy! x


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