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Law Ball makeup and outfit

August 17, 2012 Melbourne VIC, Australia

So last night I went to my university's law ball which was an old Hollywood theme. This is what I wore - in the first photo I am second from the left and in the second photo I am second from the right. I didn't take any whole body photos of what I wore, so this will be the closest you'll see of the whole outfit, but I will go over all the things I wore and the makeup I used.


This is a close up of the make up - it's pretty basic, but I did use quite a few products:

  • L'Oreal Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer - I don't know how much of a difference this makes, but oh well. 
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear in Fresco - I got this as a sample from Myer, I need to grow up and get a heavy foundation for nights like this, I was quite resistant because I was worried that it will make me break out, but I really liked it. I will no doubt buy this, it has also gone down in price in Australia from $68 to $50... and I am happy to pay $50 for a good coverage foundation to wear on special occasions.
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer in Shade 52
  • Sleek contour kit in Light - for contour and highlight (see swatch here)
  • Bourjois Blush from the Blush Sculpting Duo Effect - Shade 5 (warm pinky nude)
  • Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder in Tender Rose - see this in my July Favourites post here
  • Jordana Eye Primer in shade 01 (see review here)
  • Jordana Eye Shadow in 05 Creamy Vanilla - used this all over the lid and on the brow bone, I hate light colours all over my eye but this matte one looks beautiful, I guess my problem was alsways with light shimmery colours - I should buy another one of these, I can foresee hitting pan on this one in the future :) (see swatch of it here)
  • Sleek Storm Palette - used the two matte browns mixed together for the crease colour, and the second shade as the inner corner highlight (see swatches here)
  • Bourjois Felt Tip Eyeliner in Nior
  • Korres Soft Eyeliner Pencil in 1S - I used this for the waterline (see swatches here)
  • Glameyes Kelly Lashes - see photo below
  • MAC Zoom Lash mascara in Zoomblack
  • Smashbox Cream Eye Liner in Java
  • Prestige Brow Perfection Clear Brow Gel  - see review here
  • MAC Ruby Woo - this is what I have on in the photo, but I took Bombshell by Sportsgirl with me because Ruby Woo is hard to apply. See swatch of Bombshell here. I didn't wear a lip liner only because I couldn't find my bright red one, and I was running late. 


I got this dress on ASOS for about $26. I don't know if I will get much use out of it in the future, but it fit the theme of the night well and was very cheap.

These two rings are from Sportsgirl, which I got aaages ago, the earings are from Mimco, and the bangle is from Tiffany & Co. 

I wore stockings that have that line up the back of them, they were on special from Sportsgirl for $4.95. I also bought some Glam eyes false lashes in the style Kelly. The nail polish I wore was China Glaze Ruby Pumps - which I will do a review on in my next post.

I had this bag and peacock hair clip for a long time, but I bought a veil from ebay for about $15 with shipping... I looked online everywhere for them, and that was the cheapest one (and the only one that would arrive in time).

I would have liked to have worn heels, but I wore these Joanne Mercer flats because I have short boyfriend syndrome - aka my boyfriend is a bit shorter than me, and when I wear heels it looks crazy. This doesn't usually stop me from wearing heels, but when I am going to an event where people haven't met him before, I prefer there not to be a crazy height difference. 

All ready for the ball with the boyfriend!
The boyfriend and me during the night


  1. I love your outfit and makeup! I definitely see the old Hollywood glamour in what you chose to wear :)

  2. you looked absolutely gorgeous! totally love your makeup, especially the red lips. it's so great that you got the dress and all the other themed accessories for such bargain prices, very lucky! :) the ASOS dress seems to look better on you than the model- probably because you made it suit the old Hollywood theme to a tee with the rest of your look!

    1. Thanks love, I didn't wear the dress that well, but hey that girl is a model, its her job to look good! It was fun dressing up with a theme! Thanks again x

  3. You look gorgeous! Love the makeup :)

  4. Yay, glad you posted another makeup look! You really got the old Hollywood look down! Ruby Woo is stunning on you and the lace veil is a nice touch. Love it :)


    1. Thanks! Yeah I had the idea of the veil about 5 days before the night, I had to do some serious internet searching to get one! xox

  5. Ooh la la! You look stunning hun. Old Hollywood glamour suits you perfectly. Glad to see your dress arrived in time too. It fits the theme nicely. Also - YOU WORE FALSE LASHES! Yay! Good work. The only sad part is that the veil seems determined to mask all your hard work!

    The rings from Sportsgirl are fab. You always find the best stuff there.I particularly like the one with the pearl.

    Oh and I'm so glad you told me that the Estee Lauder Double Wear has come down in price here. Is it just at Myer? I was originally going to pick up a few bottles on my trip to London later this year, but now it looks like I wont have to.


    1. Yeah I think they have just gone down everywhere - a marketing plan to make Estee Lauder more accessible to people. It works for me, I am happy to pay $50 for a good foundation, but paying nearly $70 is a big ask. I will pick up a full bottle of this for sure.

      Yeah the veil hid the false lashes :( I will wear them again to a 30th in a weeks time, so hopefully not a waste!

  6. I have to say you are absolutely stunning! You look like a model in that close up photo, you did an amazing job with your make up. :)

    The night looked like a lot of fun!



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