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July Favourites!

August 1, 2012

It's the 1st of August, so today I had a good long hard think about products I have been loving over the last month. I haven't been putting too much effort into my make up this month because I have been busy with working etc etc so I have been appreciating low maintenance makeup, no highlighter no contour, not even concealer. In addition to that, I have recently had an "I miss summer" moment, so I have started pulling out some bright colours when I have been feeling a little gloomy. So my July favourite has been split between boring and practical and colourful and fun.

I have actually tried a bunch of new products in July, so you will probably have seen most of these in past reviews, but here I go...

These are my favourite boring products

Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder in Tender Rose: 
I don't often spend a lot of money on powders, mainly because I go through them very quickly and it will end up costing me quite a lot of money, but I saw this particular shade that was heavily reduced (on Strawberrynet) and I took the gamble and bought it. It is SUPER light, so I haven't really been able to wear it previously, but thanks to winter, I have been using this a recently lot. It's really finely milled and gives a good coverage. Because it provides a really good coverage, you do need to have this in a shade close to your skin colour. My aim is to use this up over the next two months, but if I don't then its no big deal because this is also a great powder to use over blush when you have gone over the top, because of the great coverage of this tones down the blush. I love this powder, I would even go out on a limb and say it's the nicest powder I have every used... but don't quote me on that

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Light 2:
This reminds me of highschool. My mum bought me one of these a few months ago because there was supposedly a really good sale. Anyway, this is my go to foundation when I am being lazy - ie when I have to get up at 6am for work, or when I am just hanging around the house. It is so easy to use and gives you a light coverage with a matte finish. When I am being lazy, I also don't like to use foundation brushes, and this is super easy to apply with your fingers. Not suitable for people who are overly concerned about the hygiene of foundations in pots. I like the glass container - it's perfect for make up bags or traveling. I won't only use this when I am going out (because it's not enough coverage), but what I will do is often put this over my foundation in the t-zone to reduce any unwanted grease that often shows up when I am wearing a fuller coverage foundation, I find this does blend really well with other foundation. I do not recommend this for people with dry skin because it does settle in dry areas and looks uneven. I will repurchase this over and over for my lazy foundation routine.

Prestige Brow Perfection Brow Gel:
This is my first brow gel, and I'm sure there may be better ones of these on the market, but this one didn't cost much and does the job. I have pretty unruly brows so I have been loving this. I am a lover of all things brow, so I am surprised that I haven't used one earlier, I guess its just that the ones I have come across have been super expensive and I wanted to try a more affordable one before I invested. I did a review of this product here.

Sportsgirl To The Point Liquid Eye Liner in Black:
I got this as part of my Sportsgirl fan of the month gift pack. Ever since I have got this, this has been the only liquid/gel liner I have used. Sure, I have better quality gel liners in my collection, but this is super easy to use, and July has all been about convenience in my life. I did a more in depth look at this here.

Maybelline Color Tattoo - Bad to the Bronze and Tough as Taupe
So I'm sure you all know that these finally were released in Australia earlier this month. I picked up five of them, which you can see here, but my favourite day-to-day colours have been Bad to the Bronze and Tough as Taupe. They are both pretty dark for most peoples day-to-day colours, but I like dark colours as my eyes are pretty dark brown, and if I use an all over light colour, I find it makes my eyes look kinda strange, I almost need darker colours to warm up my eye colour. Anyway these are awesome, I use the bronze the most, but I love the taupe when I don't feel like wearing shimmer. They have pretty good lasting power, longer if you wear a shadow over them, but I really like the look of them on their own for a really fast look.

Swatches without flash
Left to right: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Light 2, Laura Mercier pressed powder in Tender Rose, Maybelline Color Tattoos in Tough as Taupe and Bad to the Bronze, and Sportsgirl To The Point liquid eye liner.

Swatches with flash

These are my favourite fun products

Sleek Blush By 3 Pink Sprint Palette - favourite blush is the middle colour called Pink Ice:
This is my most used Blush By 3 palette out of the three I own. I love this middle colour, it creates such a pretty pink cheek. My only problem with it is that it is so pigmented that it can be hard to blend. I will often over do it with this colour and need to use my Laura Mercier powder to tone it down. I still love it though. See more swatches of this palette here.

Sleek Blush in Pixie Pink:
This blush isn't as pigmented as the Pink Ice one, so it is slightly easier to control. I will wear this most days, and use the Pink Ice one when I want to emphasis the cheeks. Very pretty colour, see more about this in my post here.

Sportsgirl Pout About It lipsticks in Fruit Tingle and Bombshell:
These have been my most exciting discovery of the month. These are the only lipsticks I like that retail for less than $10, some of these shades rival some of the MAC matte colours in my opinion. I have five of these colours and my favouries are these two. I have been wearing the red one (Bombshell) the most when I have been going out, but I predict the coral colour (Fruit Tingle) will be my favourite spring or summer colour - more reason for me to wish summer was here! See more about these lipsticks in my post here.

Maybelline Color Tattoo - Fierce and Tangy
This is my favourite color tattoo to use when I want to feel a bit more summery. I really like this colour but I find it looks weird with obvious liner, so I use this on low maintenance days with some mascara. I will get a lot of use of this colour when it gets warmer. See more swatches of this here.

Swatches without flash
Left to right: Sleek Pink Ice, Sleek Pixie Pink, Maybelline Color Tattoo in Fierce and Tangy, Sportsgirl Pout About It in Fruit Tingle and Bombshell

Swatches with flash

Random Favourites

Sportsgirl Boyfriend Swing Blazer:
My favourite item of clothing for the month is this Boyfriend Swing Blazer in Tobacco. I love it, it fits so well. I am keeping my eye out for a black one, but since they have been on sale, they are super hard to find in my size.

Dark Night Rises:
By far this has been my favourite movie I have seen all month, probably even all year. If you haven't seen it, go do it now... literally now!

What are your July favourites?


  1. Lovely favourites! I keep seeing Sportsgirl lipsticks on Australian blogs and being sad they don't sell them in the UK!
    S xx

  2. Wow! Dream Matte Mousse! I used to use that in highschool too! Definitely agree with you there on it being a lazy girl's foundation. I think that's why it appealed to me in the first place. I was always running late for school in the morning, so the Dream Matte Mousse suited me fine!

    Oh, and I definitely need some Sleek blush palettes in my life. They're so pretty.

  3. I love the look of that Laura Mercier powder, I'm looking into trying a new one so might give it a go. I often use powders to go over my cheeks when I've put too much blush on, love that you do the same!


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