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Jordana eye shadows and primer swatches and review

August 13, 2012

I have never heard of Jordana, but I was ordering a few items off and each of these were $1.99 so I couldn't resist. I decided to get a few matte and shimmery every day colours to depot and use as a start to my nude z-palette that I am working on. I also decided to get a primer, since I rarely wear eye primer, and I really should start. The primer contains 1.85g of product, and the eye shadows contain 1.65g

I got the primer in shade 01, which is a skin toned light pink (much lighter and pinker than my skin), and the eye shadows in 01 Total blackout, 05 Creamy Vanilla, 11 Your Majesty, 12 Over the Taupe, 14 Ms. Brown, and 17 Supernatural.

The three shimmery shades are: 17 Supernatural, 12 Over The Taupe, and 14 Ms. Brown.
The three matte shades are: 05 Creamy Vanilla, 11 Your Magesty and 01 Total Blackout

Swatches without flash:
Left to right: Primer, Creamy Vanilla, Supernatural, Over The Taupe, Ms. Brown, Your Majesty, Total Blackout

Swatches with flash:
Left to right: Primer, Creamy Vanilla, Supernatural, Over The Taupe, Ms. Brown, Your Majesty, Total Blackout

These are pretty powdery eyeshadows but the colour pay off isn't the best, you can pick up a lot of product but the colour doesn't transfer very well from your finger to your eye (or in this case your arm). These swatches took a few applications to build them up. The easiest to swatch was probably Ms. Brown.

Swatch of shadow over the primer, and without primer
Left to right: Your Majesty with primer, Your Majesty without primer, Creamy Vanilla with primer, Creamy Vanilla without primer.
The primer makes a huge difference in the colour pay off and how long it stays on the skin. You can see that from the swatches above the brown swatch with the primer is significantly darker and more pigmented than the swatch without. With the light colour the pigmentation isn't as noticeable, all it seems to do is make it stay for longer. You will also note that the primer changes the colour of the shadow, with the shadow picking up more of the pink tone of the primer.

These are good shadows for $1.99 and I like all the colours I got. I do have to say that these NEED a primer, especially the matte colours. So far the primer seems pretty good for it's price, it reminds me of the coverage that a NYX jumbo pencil gives, but in a pot form and in a more natural colour. It provides a good base colour for shadows, and after trying the primer on my eyes with the Creamy Vanilla shadow, the shadow looked much nicer and more impressive than in the swatches. I haven't yet worn the primer all day yet, so I will have to come back and comment on how well it lasts.

If I ordered from Beauty Joint again, I would pick up more of these, and probably another primer. This is an awesome haul for less than $14!

Edit: After depotting these eye shadows, I love them even more. The the pans are magnetic, so if you want to put them into a z-palette, you don't have to stick magnets on the back of them! I am getting more of them for my z-palettes for sure!


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