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Galaxy Nails using Nail It! by Sportsgirl

August 5, 2012 Melbourne VIC, Australia

So I only found out about galaxy nails a couple of weeks ago, so since I had today off I thought I should give them a go. This is my first attempt so I have done a step by step run through of what I did.

These are the colours I used... yes it is a lot, but it really isn't very complicated and surprisingly quick to do. All you need to start with is a base of black (I did two coats) and then you sponge colours over the black which layers up as a galaxy effect, then to finish it you put silver glitter as a top coat.

So for the sponging this is the order of colours I used: Peacock, Angels Kiss, Sunshine, Phoenix, Whoa Nelly, then I used Fruit Salad as the glitter top coat.

I just use a cotton make up remover pad for the sponging, I am not very advanced with nail art, I didn't buy a sponge for this because I like to keep it minimum fuss. The only down side to this method is that you can transfer cotton fibers to the nails, but it wasn't a big issue.

To sponge colours onto the nail you just need to dab the nail polish onto the cotton pad and then tap it onto your nail.  The key is to make each nail look different, so dab the colours onto different spots on each nail, and vary the amount of each colour you put on each nail. Also remember to bend it out.

You can use any colours you want, but they key thing is to have a dark base, and then for the sponging you need a shimmery blue, a light colour, and then a feature colour, then over the top you need a silver glitter. To get the best effect you want a glitter that contains both big and small particles of glitter which makes it look like there are planets far away and a few closer - Fruit salad is perfect for this look.

Start with a black base:

Sponge on the shimmery blue:

Sponge on the lighter colours:
This is after the Angel Kiss and Sunshine (Sunshine didn't add much extra to the look)

Sponge on the feature colour:
 I sponged on Phoenix, then a bit of Whoa Nelly to tone down the gold shimmer in certain spots.

Then paint over with the glitter nail polish:

Has anyone tried this look? Whats your favourite colour combination to do?


  1. You did such a fantastic job, I love them!

    1. Thanks! I'm really excited to try them again with other colour combos!

  2. oh wow the final effect is gorgeous! I was a bit taken aback at all the bottles you had to use, but I'm sure it's very simple and easy to actually do! the sponging on of all the colours is very clever. thanks for the tutorial! :)

    1. yeah its not hard. Minimum you need is black, blue, a light colour, a main colour and glitter. Its pretty fun to play around with :)

  3. Can't get over my love for these nails, they look amazing!

  4. Oh wow yours look amazing!!!
    S xx

  5. Lovely! I've got to try this :D I don't have a sponge either and it is so clever how you just used a cotton pad!

  6. This looks really neat! Great job!

  7. I love stuff like this. You did such a great job too. Where did the gold shimmer come from? Was it in the red polish? If so, the red didn't come across at all, which is weird.

    Have you tried the tie-dye marble effect look yet? I'd be interested to give that a go.

    1. yeah it was the red that has gold shimmer. Na I havent, I want to give that a go too, but the waste of it annoys me a little

    2. Fair point. I'd definitely avoid using my OPI polishes for that one!


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