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Future give away!

August 15, 2012

For a while now I have been promising to do a give away when I reach 100 followers. Since I am half way there, I thought I would show you guys some things that I have been collecting as part of my 100 followers give away. I know 50 followers might not be a big thing to most bloggers, but I really appreciate every single person who has followed my blog!

So far the products that will be included in the give away are:
  • Bourjois 10 Day No Chip nail polish in shade 19 - see review here
  • Sportsgirl Pout About It lipstick in Fruit Tingle - see review here
  • MUA Undressed Palette - see review here
  • Korres lip butter in Wild Rose
Just to make it clear, this will be open internationally, and each of these products are brand new


  1. Drool! How exciting! I'm so happy your blog is gathering more and more family members. So it should be! Your reviews are detailed, helpful and clear, and the regularity of your posts your puts me (and many other bloggers) to shame!

    Love your first subscriber ;)

    1. You will always be my first subscriber, I was so happy when you followed my blog :)

      Yeah I post a lot, I started my blog when I was doing exams and wanted an escape, and then I was on holidays... now I am super busy and find it hard to maintain the amount of posts :P

  2. Congrats on the progress with your blog! I'm in the same boat as you- around 50 followers. May not seem like a lot to some, but to me (as for you) it's kind of a big deal! Have really been enjoying your posts so far- looking forward to more good things! :)


    1. I love your blog, you do really nice make up looks. If I posted more of my make up looks, it would be super boring because I don't wear much makeup day to day. I do have 3 events coming up in the next 2 weeks, so maybe I will make an effort to put those looks up

    2. I'd love to see them! Have really liked the couple looks of yours I've seen so far :)

    3. And thanks for the kind words about my blog! Means a lot :)


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