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Dr Lewinn's skin care: The good, the bad, and the ugly

August 15, 2012 Melbourne VIC, Australia

The title of this post might be a little harsh, its more like the great, the good, and the ugly. The great is the Refining Toner, the good is the Facial Polishing Gel, and the ugly is the Gentle Facial Cleanser. I really liked the toner, so I thought I would dry a few more Dr Lewinn's products. So far, the products are a hit or miss, so this blog is about which of these products I liked, and which I hate.

Refining Toner:
I bought the Dr Lewinn's Refining Toner a few months ago and I love it, I even put it in my June favourites post. I got this on sale for about $11 or $12. The reason why I like this so much is because it is the first alcohol free toner that I have used that I actually like. Once I switched from alcohol to alcohol free, I rarely used toner because it was just like putting water on your face. This toner feels like it cleans my skin, and it smells like baby powder, so I love it. I don't know how much this costs normally, but I should have bought a few when it was on sale. I would repurchase for sure (depending on how much it normally costs)

Facial Polishing Gel:
Since I loved the toner so much, when I saw that there were these limited edition extra large versions of the exfoliant, the cleanser, and the hand cream on sale in Priceline, for 2 for $29.95, I had to give them a go. I didn't get the hand cream, because I only ever use hand cream when I'm at work, and I would never carry around a 250mL hand cream in my bag. By default I got the exfoliant and the cleanser. These are usually much smaller, and cost $34.95 each, so this was a bargain.

This exfoliant contains 250mL of product, instead of the normal 150mL version. I like this product, its not the best exfoliant I have tried, but I have been enjoying using it. It contains wax beads which only does a good job at exfoliating if you rub it in enough, if you are gentile with this then it don't do anything. I like the wax beads, because unlike sugar and salt scrubs, these don't dissolve. This scrub smells very fruity, not my favourite smell because its not fresh, its more like ripe fruit. I tend to use a lot of this product because it is a very runny and a lot comes out when you use it.

Polishing Gel

Gentle Facial Cleanser:
This is the ugly product, I honestly don't like it, but I keep it in my shower hoping that I will get through it eventually. I don't like the product and I don't like the packaging. Normally when you buy this, it comes in a 178mL container and costs $34.95. I like the pump dispencer of this, but the clear lid shown in the photos above only fit on the container if you lock the pump down - like when you want to lock it for travel. After I have done this post I will throw out the lid, as this lives in my shower, I will never need to lock the pump down. I honestly only kept it for the photos for this post. Without the lid, the container looks pretty ugly, I wish this came in the same container as the facial polishing gel.

Now to the product, the only thing I like about it is the colour (see below). The smell is bad, it smells like over ripe melon and is a very unappealing smell. The product feels like you are putting hand cream on your face, and it leaves a greasy residue. I also don't think this takes off any make up, if anything, the greasy residue feels like it even locks in the makeup. If I didn't use the toner straight after this, I would never use it, and sometimes I feel like I need to cleanse with another product after this. This may be good for people with dry or sensitive skin, but I don't have either, and I hate it. The only reason why I keep using this is because it sounds like it has pretty good ingredients in it (avocado oil, apricot oil, aloe vera), and I'm sure its ok for my skin. I can't wait to use this up and throw it out... I have a feeling I will start using this as a body cleanser just to use it up faster.

Gentle Facial Cleanser

In conclusion, try the toner, maybe the exfoliant, but skip the cream cleanser unless you have sensitive/very dry skin.

Has anyone tried any other Dr Lewinn's skin products?


  1. oh that toner sounds lovely! i find it odd but it's hard to come by a great toner!

    1. I can't agree more. Its so hard finding a good one, especially an alcohol free one


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