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Bourjois blush in 33 Lilas D'Or review and swatches

August 8, 2012 Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

This was an awesome thing to come home to today after a long cold and windy day at uni. I won this in Seonaid's blog give away... I love her blog, if you don't know it then check it out here. This came with a cute card too, which I thought was a super sweet touch.

So I don't own any Bourjois blushes but this will no doubt spark a collection. This colour is 33 Lilas D'Or which is a pink lilac with a gold shimmer, which is absolutely perfect for both winter looks and more summery looks. These are supposed to also be almost identical to the much more expensive Chanel blushes. I believe this is also my first ever baked blush

This packaging is awesome, it has a nice sized mirror and a cute curved brush that fits perfectly over the domed blush. I will probably never use this brush, but I like that they include one. My favourite thing about this container is the magnet that fastens the container. I spent a few minutes clicking this open and closed, it is more satisfying than clicking a pen.

This blush is hard to explain, but its more of a soft blush that has very fine glitter in it. I don't know if that makes much sense... some blushes are so shimmery that it gives your skin a slick finish and emphasises imperfections, this one is more like a blush that has random flecks of glitter in it. This blush also smells nice, sort of like fruit tingle lollies or something. I personally love products that smell nice, and wish all my blushes smelt like this!

Swatch without flash, left is a heavy swatch and right is a blended swatch
Swatch with flash, left is a heavy swatch and right is a blended swatch

If you go to the Australian Bourjois website, you can download a voucher which allows you to get $10 any Bourjois product until the end of August. I recommend giving these blushes a go!


  1. So glad you like it! It looks lovely on your skintone. Love Bourjois blushes, only have one myself but want to start a collection!
    S xx

  2. Love Bourjois blushes - I was just watching a gossmakeupartist video last night about how they're more or less a dupe for Chanel blushes :)

  3. I love receiving packages. Today I received the last of 5 packages that I ordered, this month alone! And you're really lucky winning all these blog giveaways!!!

    You should follow my blog, it's based in Melbourne and purely about food :)

  4. Oooh yay! Nothing better than some makeup waiting on your doorstep when you get home from a less than fabulous day at work.

    It's funny you should mention the scent as something you like about the blush. For me, it's a bit of a drawback. I think it's way too powdery smelling and it kind of gives me a headache. It's still a beautiful product though. And I definitely enjoy the satisfying "click" of the little magnet!

    Thanks heaps for wording me up about the $10 off Bourjois. I had no idea.

    1. Yeah I do know that the smell wont be for everyone, I like the sweet baby powder smell. Its not good that it gives you a headache, thats not what you want from a blush!

  5. hi pls help me how to have that one super cute blush! how much is that?and how to frm philippines..


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