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Bourjois 10 days no chips nail polish: shades 16, 19 and 21

August 12, 2012 Melbourne VIC, Australia

These are my newest addition to my nail polish collection. I am going through a Bourjois phase at the moment because not only do they have 20% off all products in Priceline, but if you go to the Australian Bourjois website you can download a $10 off your Bourjois purchase at Priceline. These normally retail for $13, but I managed to get them much cheaper.

These nail polishes claim to last up to 10 days, with at least 3 days of chip free nails, we'll see about that! I will take photos in three days and see how chip free they are.

I got three colours: shade 16 which is a bright coral, shade 19 which is a magenta purple, and 21 which is a blood red. All of these colours have a slight shimmer to them, they look like a flat colour on the nail, but maybe the shimmer adds to the glossy effect of the nails... who knows. The shimmer is most clearly seen in the bottle of the coral colour (see below)

Shimmer in shade 16

One reason why Bourjois can make the claim of "10 day nails", is probably because of this brush. It is a slanted brush that is designed to easily touch up chips. I can see how this makes touching up easier, but it does make applying the nail polish from the bottom of the nail upwards a little bit more wonkier than usual, also the technique you use to paint your nails will change depending on what direction of the point is facing. I got used to this brush, but after using the typical nail polish brush for the last 10-15 years, I find this one pretty hard to get used to.

I also initially found the lid of this nail polish a bit off putting, but when I realised that it clicks into place when you put it back on, it changed me opinion. I like hearing the lid click into place, it makes me feel like I will avoid any accidental spills from loose lids.

I used the magenta shade on all of my fingers except for the ring finger and the little finger. I used two coats of the magenta, and in real life it appears much more purple than in the photo above, which makes it look more pink. I used one heavy coat of the red on my ring finger, I was pretty impressed with this shade, I think its my favourite of the three. I used two coats of the coral on my little finger, its a nice bright coral, and appears quite true to life in the photo above.

In a few days time I will insert a photo of how these nails look after three days of normal wear.

Edit: This is what my nails look like after 3 days and a few hours after putting this nail polish through a lot.

Ok, so it might not be chip free, but its much better than most nail polishes I own. I did also put this nail polish through a lot, not only did it survive a day at work doing filing and paper work, and two days at uni with me constantly typing on my laptop, but it survive through two showers, a bath, and me washing my hair twice. The bath and washing of my hair alone will make freshly painted nails look like this, so I am very happy with the outcome. If I put any other nail polish through all of that, it would have looked horrible!

I won't test this for 10 days because I have an event on tomorrow night and I want to re-do my nails, and honestly, I don't think I want to wear the same nail polish for 10 days. I am happy how this has lasted, because in my opinion, a great nail polish will last 4 - 5 days without much maintenance, and this one would give you that for sure. If I were to wear this longer I would either trim my nails to get the chipped bits off, or I would touch them up.

This is a great formula, and I think I will invest in many more shades!


  1. Thanks for showing this! I will definitely be using the voucher to try my very first Bourjois products hehe. Can the $10 voucher be used for any amount? I.e if I get a $10 product I will get it for free? :D

    1. Yeah I think so. I got a nail polish for 40c

  2. I've had my eye on 19 for a while now. I was going to comment that it seems so different on the nails to the colour in the bottle, then I read the rest of your post! Nail polish colour seems trickier to accurately capture than the true colours of makeup. More on topic though, I'll be interested to see whether the polishes live up to the 10 day claim.


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