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Becca Creme Eyeshadow in Gilt - review and swatches

August 22, 2012 Melbourne VIC, Australia

A few beauty blogs in Australia have pointed out that in this months Madison magazine (September issue) you get a free Becca Creme Eyeshadow valued at $42. I decided to jump on this, mainly because I liked the Becca cheek stain that I have previously had, and I was curious about the eyeshadow. This magazine costs $8.95 so its a really good bargain... especially since it gave me an excuse to buy a magazine, which I love reading, but find it hard to justify spending a lot of money on them each month.

So the two colours you can get are a bronze shimmer (Gilt) or a nude shimmer (Vicuna). I didn't get a choice of colours because where I bought this, they only had the bronze in stock. If I like the bronze I may go to some effort to track down the nude.

This contains 7mL of product, and comes in a squeezy tube. The nozzle is pretty small which is good and bad; it's good because you can easy control how much product comes out, but bad because it takes a lot more effort to squeeze it out. I have previously had one of their cheek stains, which came in the exact same packaging, and after some time the side of the nozzle cracked and I ended up having to throw it out. I hope that doesn't happen with this eyeshadow. The thing that is the most annoying about the packaging is that I can't find the shade name anywhere, I only know it's called Gilt because of the information that came in the magazine. You can tell which colour you are choosing because of the clear panel that shows the product, but other than that, you are on your own.

Straight from the tube
Heavily swatched and blended, photo without flash
Heavily swatched and blended, photo with flash

The product:
This product claims to be "a semi-sheer creme that tints lids with a soft wash of colour," and it also says that it is water resistant. As you can see from the swatches above, this is pretty sheer, but it is slightly buildable. If you want a sheer coverage, then a little of this product goes a long way, but it requires quite a lot of product for a heavier coverage. This eyeshadow does tend to blend relatively easily without much patchiness, so the colour does end up looking even. If you use this with a brush then you are more likely going to get a sheer coverage, but if you first apply it with your finger, you can get a heavier coverage which looks more like the heavy swatch in the photos above. This product also is quite wet to apply, and it gives you quite a bit of time to blend and work it in before it sets. When it does set it does stay put.

The colour:
This is a very pretty true bronze with a gold shimmer. It is not very pigmented, but is supposed to be sheer tint so that is forgiven. One thing I really like about this colour is that when you apply this lightly, the shimmer is more noticeable than when heavily swatched, so you still get a nice pop of gold glitter on a more every day neutral eye. I personally like more colour on my eyes, but because this shimmer is so pretty when this product is applied lightly, I might start using this for more natural every day looks.

I am happy that I got to try this and I may considering getting more of these in the future, depending on how I like this one after a few days of use. I may even try to hunt down the other shade, although I am a little skeptical at how the lighter colour will be if this bronze turned out to be quite light and sheer. Has anyone tried the other shade?



  1. Vicuna (the other shade) is super super light. Fair skinned fellow bloggers have commented that it barely shows up on them. So not sure if you'll be disappointed with it. I have both and definitely prefer Gilt :)

    1. I might not stress about getting it then. Cheers x

  2. This does look gorgeous, very very tempting. I honestly wouldn't bother with trying to track down Vicuna, it is very nice, just barely noticeable. There is no base colour, just a champagne shimmer. It could be very easily achieved by applying a very thin layer of highlighter on your eyes.

    1. Thanks for getting back to me! I think if I see it I might get it and use it as a cream highlighter... but I won't go out of my way to look for it. Thanks again :)

    2. I have just done a post on Vicuna if you still wanted more info about it


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