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Z Palette review: PRO palette vs Large palette

July 12, 2012 Melbourne VIC, Australia

I thought I would talk a little bit about my Z Palettes. I have the PRO palette in zebra and the Large palette in leopard. I bought these from the Z Palette website, the PRO is $25 US and the Large is $20 US. I ummmed and ahhhed about this for quite a long time, but when leopard print palettes were on sale, I decided to take the plunge and purchase a couple of palettes. I also got this at a time where the Australia dollar was stronger than the US dollar, so it was a bit cheaper. You can also get 10% off if you like Z Palette on facebook.

I thought it was important to start depotting my eye shadows into a palette because I found that I rarely used all my eyeshadows because I had them hidden in a box. A palette is an easy way to have all your eyeshadows handy.

I was tossing up between buying these or buying the MAC ones. The main reason I liked the MAC ones were because they were plastic, and the Z Plalettes are cardboard, but Z Palette had many more positives that the MAC palettes didn't have. The main reasons why I went for the Z Palette are because you can fit different shaped eyeshadows in it, you are not only restricted to using MAC eyeshadows in the palette, also I really liked the clear lid and the idea of the magnetic base.

This is what I keep in my PRO palette, I bought two palettes because I want to eventually have a palette for colours and one for natural colours. Unfortunately, since I bought these I started focusing more on loose pigments, so I haven't bought a single eyeshadow for about a year (I only bought a Sleek palette).

This is my empty Large palette. you will see that the base is a magnet. Some of your eye shadows will stick automatically, but most of them need these little metal circles to be stuck on for them to stick to the magnetic base. These metal circles do come with the palettes, but I find that there might not be enough of them - for my PRO palette I had to take some of these circles from the large palette, because I had used all the circles that came with the PRO palette. Also even though these do stick quite well on the eye shadows, the magnet base is very strong, so when you take the eye shadows out to rearrange them, often the metal circles come off... I ended up having to superglue some of them to the eye shadows

These palettes look quite similar next to each other, so whats the difference between the Large and the PRO palettes?

The PRO is slightly wider than the large, and it is also thicker, so the PRO can fit things like larger/deeper shadows or blushes.

I do highly recommend these palettes, you can use them for eye shadows or blushes/powders. The fact that they are cardboard doesn't bother me, it makes them light, and they are still sturdy. If you are a make up artist and are using this very often, it may become a little worn. I love that you can use different sized shadows, and that you can see whats in each palette.


  1. Z-Palettes are fantastic! Can't wait to order some more! Do you prefer the pro or regular large? :) Great Post xx


    1. I like pro, mainly because it can comfortably fit 5 lines of MAC shadows in it. The large can only fit 4. I originally tried to fit all of the shadows shown in the PRO in the Large palette and it was impossible. I know I have different sizes of shadows, but I would say that you can probably fit 5 lines of MAC sized shadows, with 6-7 shadows in each line.

      When I get more nude colours the large will be my nude palette, and the PRO will be my colour palette


    2. Awesome! I think I'll get one of each if they ever go on sale again! I like when my shadows fit comfortably :) Make sure to show us your nude palette when you have it nice and completed! I'd love to see it :) xx

    3. I will for sure. Oh no, this sounds like I now have a makeup goal - I think I might be investing in nude eyeshadows soon :P

  2. just found your blog and i love! recently been getting into Z-palettes, I ordered a large one yesterday from Lipstick republic. SO EXCITED! been stocking up on jordana shadows to depot into these babies.


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