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Sportsgirl fan of the month gift pack!

July 23, 2012

Look what came in the mail today! It's my Sportsgirl gift pack! I can't think of a better thing to come home to after my first morning back at uni. I must commend Sportsgirl, not only is it a great pack, but they delivered it so quickly. A big thank you goes out to Sportsgirl!

This is an epic Sportsgirl haul! I got a few little cute gifty nicknacks, including a name tag for my bag (handy for going back to Uni), some post-it notes, some stickers, and an emery board. I also got a free one-on-one styling session, and a very sweet note from the Sportsgirl online team. After doing a quick count, this pack worth around a whopping $150! I am very appreciative.

Lets get to the goodies that you guys might be interested in!

They are very easy to wear black sunglasses, it's hard to see but the lens actually is in one piece and sits over the frame. Makes it a little bit interesting and different! These are called Miami Vice and retail for $39.95. Win!

I got a Butter Dream vanilla body butter that smells like a yummy candle. The packaging is really pretty too, with a purple floral design on it. I might keep this on display in the bathroom. Be cautious if you don't like strongly scented things, because this smells strong... I personally love smelling like delicious vanilla so I'm very pro this. It contains shea butter, apricot and coconut oils. You get 200g and this retails for $9.95

I also got the peach Lip Jam which is just a lip balm in a tub. This is smells super fruity and reminds me of something you would get at the Body Shop. You get 15g in this tub and it retails for $5.95.

Sorry about the blurry image, but I also got their Smooth Operator Paw Paw lip balm in clear. This was a bonus because I didn't even know these existed. This is going straight into my hand bag! This is a multi purpose balm, and you can use it on lips, cuticles, or dry skin. There is 15mL of product which retails for $4.95.

I also got their Here Today Tanned Tomorrow gradual self tanner. I am very happy about this, because in the last few days I have been craving summer. I miss a tan, I miss the sun! So this is perfect for getting me summer ready. I have tried their Body Glow before and really liked it, and now I get to use the self tanner. This comes out white (see below), I will keep you guys posted what I think of it when I start using it. There is 200mL of product, and it retails for $9.95.

Now for my favourites, the makeup!

I got three Pout About It! lipsticks in All About You (nude), Fruit Tingle (coral), and Bombshell (red). These are all matte finish, and retail for $9.95 each. I must give a shout out to Sportsgirl for being so observant (unless it was by accident!), at the time of winning this, I didn't have these three colours, but since winning I bought Fruit Tingle, which I reviewed here. It is my favourite lipstick out of all of them so I am glad I have a back up! I might keep the new unused one for my give away when I hit 100 followers, or I might just keep it as my signature spring/summer colour.

I also got a Draw The Line eyeliner in black, a To The Point liquid eyeliner in black, and a Give Some Lip lip gloss in Summer Holiday, which is a very pretty coral (it looks more barbie pink in the photo, but it is actually more coral in real life).  I love the liquid eyeliner, it has such a sharp point. I have never used these texta type liquid eyeliners, but they are super easy to use! I also love the twist applicator of the pencil eyeliner. I'm pretty lay so these are my favourite type of eyeliners. Each eye liner costs $9.95, and the lip gloss costs $8.95.

Swatches without flash
Left to right: All About You, Fruit Tingle, and Bombshell, Summer Holiday lip gloss, Draw The Line, To The Point, and a larger swatch of Draw The Line.

Swatches with flash

The reason I drew a box of Draw the Line at the end was so you can see that this eyeliner has a tiny but it shimmer to it. I like this, because it makes it a but different to the usual liner you might have. You can also see that the To The Point liner feathers a little bit on the skin, this doesn't do this on the eye.

All About You with no flash
All About You with flash

I was a little scared of this colour in the shop because I love the look of nudes, but they make me look pretty dead. This one is a great colour, it is darker than I expected, which is perfect for me! I have put this one straight in my handbag because its a great work colour. This reminds me of Velvet Teddy by MAC, so I decided to compare the two at the end of this post. This is definitely matte, which is good because it lasts a long time, but its not a overly drying matte.

Fruit Tingle without flash
Fruit Tingle with flash

I love this colour. I reviewed it over the weekend here. This is the perfect spring/summer look, and it makes me want winter to be over! It's a lovely coral colour, which is awesome because blue based pinks don't suit me. This is also matte, but easy to wear.

Bombshell without flash
Bombshell with flash
This is a very appropriately named lipstick! Its a gorgeous blue based red, and the matte finish makes it look really classy. It reminds me a lot of Ruby Woo by MAC, which is one of my favourite red lipsticks ever, but this is way less drying than Ruby Woo and is much easier to apply. I did a swatch comparison with Ruby Woo at the end of this post.
Summer Holiday without flash
 Summer Holiday with flash

This is a pretty sheer lip colour, but is very glossy and gives a nice pink/coral tint to the lips. It isn't at all sticky, and would really nice over Fruit Tingle, if you didn't like the matte finish.
Swatches without flash
 Swatches with flash
Left to right: Bombshell, Ruby Woo, All About You, Velvet Teddy

Clearly Ruby Woo is more matte than Bombshell, but is also much harder to apply. The colour is pretty much the same, but Bombshell is easier to apply and is a bit creamier.  All About You has a similar finish to Velvet Teddy (which is also a matte lipstick), but All About You is lighter a brighter, whereas Velvet Teddy is a little darker and has browner undertones. If you are looking for more affordable versions of these matte lipsticks by MAC, check out these Sportsgirl ones.

I love that after playing with this new makeup, it has turned me from boring Monday look into spontaneous bombshell.

Me wearing the Pout About It! lipstick in Bombshell, and the To The Point liquid eyeliner


  1. This is such a great little gift pack. Congrats Kat!

    I love Ruby Woo too (infact, it's currently the only MAC lippy I own) but like yourself, I don't like how dry it makes my lips. How did you find Bombshell wore throughout the day? Any bleeding or transferring? It looks absolutely beautiful on you, by the way.


    1. I blotted it off a bit because I had to go to work, but it lasted without fading for about 2 hours until I blotted it off. I wore it more as a stain for quite a long time after... it is still on my lips a little bit (after putting on lip balm etc and eating) and it has been a good 6 hours since I put it on. Not bad for a $9.95 lipstick!

    2. Wow! That's pretty decent. I might have to treat myself sometime soon!

  2. Wow bombshell is such an amazing colour!!! I will have to buy this for a ball on Thursday night!

    1. bombshell would be perfect for a ball!

  3. I know that this was posted a month ago, but I just wanted to congratulate you! That is such an amazing little pack.

    The reason I took a look at this post was because I am this months Sportsgirl Fan Of The Month! Last month, I remember seeing you thank them and post a link to your blog on their facebook page, I didn't pay much attention to it until now. I realise that I probably should have taken a look at your blog a long time ago!! I'm really looking forward to reading some of your other posts, so again, congratulations, and well done!! :) xx

    1. Congrats to you! Let me know what you end up getting, I'm sure it will be different to what I got. So exciting! xx

  4. Hehe thanks!! Yeah I got some similar things to what you got, it arrived today! I didn't get the butter dream but I got some 'Scrub Up' exfoliating scrub instead. And the sunnies I got a really cool! The frame sort of things is clear and the lenses are blue!! It's all really cool. I didn't get one of the Style Studio things, but that sounds awesome! Have you used it yet? :) xx

    1. Oooh I would have liked a scrub. I have a mountain of body butters to get through, but I don't have any body scrub! Sounds awesome! Na I haven't used the style stupid thing yet... I want to use it when I save up more money to buy things, damn being a student!

    2. Haha, yes! I have a heap of body butters too! The scrub smells really nice, like musk or something. Oh yeah, haha, you'll have to tell us all how you go when you use it!! :) xx


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