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Revlon mini haul - Lip Butters in Sweet Tart and Gumdrop, and ColorStay Eye Shadow in Silver Fox

July 7, 2012 Melbourne VIC, Australia

Random mini haul time. I was at Myer and Revlon was having a sale. Most products were 25% off (including the lip butters), and this eyeshadow quad was further reduced to $6. I originally wanted the orange lip butters (Tutti Frutti and Peach Parfait), but they were sold out *sigh*. I did still buy two - Sweet Tart and Gumdrop, and I bought this eyeshadow quad in Silver Fo.

Swatches of the ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow in 21 Silver Fox
Above is without flash and below is with flash (no primer)

I honestly only really got this because it was so cheap. I don't suit grey eyeshadows, but I thought the white might make a good highlight and the brown may make a good crease colour. The aqua may also be a little fun occasionally.

I used the grey, white and brown to work today. The grey is ok, it doesn't have much shimmer and could possible be mixed nicely with browns. The grey and aqua are pretty powdery and will need a primer to look vibrant. My favourite colour is the brown, it is the most shimmery and pigmented of the four colours. The brown is much more purple in real life than it shows in the photo (the flash photo is actually more accurate. The white is ok, I find that it is a little too patchy for a good inner eye highlighter, it definitely works better on a larger surface area where you can blend it better (such as the brow bone)

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters in 090 Sweet Tart and 060 Gumdrop

Above is the swatch without flash, and below is the swatch with flash

Swatches on lips:
Above is Gumdrop with flash, and without flash

Above is Sweet Tart with flash, and without flash

I'm not the hugest fan of lip butters, I think they don't contain enough product and are too expensive for what they are. These ended up being around $16.50 each. My favourite lipsticks are orange and purple, and because the orange was sold out, I went for a purple and the most coral pink I could find.

This shade is pretty hard to wear because its quite light. In the swatch I did put a few layers on, I think I will have to wear this more sheer to make it work. It's a nice colour though. This shade isn't very long lasting, but it is pretty moisturising. There is a little shimmer in this colour, but it doesn't show up on the lips.

Sweet Tart:
I didn't realise how pigmented this was! I wore it to work today and it's much brighter than I expected. I found that I only had to use one coat of it, otherwise it looked too neon (which I would normally like if I wasn't at work). One thing that I did like about this, and some people may not agree, but I liked that it stained my lips. Since the formula is very glossy and moisturising, then they can wear off pretty fast, especially if you are drinking coffee or eating food. When I went to go to the bathroom a few hours after putting this on, I was expecting to see completely bare lips, but I was happy to see that the colour was still there even after the lipstick had worn off. My only other lip butter that I own is Creme Brulee which is a nude colour and doesn't last very long. I more satisfied with this colour compared to Creme Brulee or Gumdrop. If I get more lip butters in the future, I will make sure I go for the darker colours that last longer... if you want a more natural looking moisturising lip product, just get cheaper a lip gloss.

In conclusion, if you're looking to buy a lip butter: go bright or go home


  1. I have to agree with you there on the brighter colours being more worthwhile. I have Raspberry Pie and I'm over the moon with the colour payoff. Sweet Tart looks great though. I think if I end up picking up any more of the lip butters, it'll be that one.

    1. I will have to check out raspberry pie! I have so many bright lipsticks that I try to buy more work friendly colours these days. I should have gone straight for the brights when it comes to lip butters!

  2. sweet tart looks really good! i really want it but unfortunately they don't have that color in my country :(
    great post!


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