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Review and swatches: MUA Undressed Eye Shadow Palette

July 31, 2012 Melbourne VIC, Australia

Yay my new Undressed Palette arrived. I ordered a bunch of MUA items from their website, and the main reason I put in an order was to get this palette. Long story short, it arrived broken and MUA was kind enough to post out a replacement. I have been playing with the powder of the broken palette, but I am happy to have a fresh new palette to play with! You can get this palette from the MUA website, and it costs £4 (approx AU$6), and you can see all the other items I got in my MUA haul here.

So this palette is a very hyped up palette, mainly because it is a super cheap dupe of Urban Decays Naked Palette, which I haven't purchased because it's quite over priced (off the top of my head the cheapest place I've seen sells it for about AU$52, but a few years ago when it first came out it was being sold on ebay for $80+)

There are 12 shades in the palette, most of them are shimmery except for shade 3 and shade 5.

The packaging is ok, its a sturdy plastic with a clear lid. I would have loved to see a mirror with it too, which would make it a great makeup bag palette.

Swatches of Shades 1 - 6 without flash
Swatches of Shades 1 - 6 with flash

These eye shadows are actually surprisingly really good quality, they are soft, pigmented, and they stay quite vibrant after a whole day of wear (they do crease on me after a while, but most eye shadows do). My absolute favourite colour in this palette is shade 4, it is a beautiful every day colour for me. It is a mid toned warm coppery taupe, and works beautifully with brown eyes. The matte colours aren't as pigmented as the shimmery colours, I will mainly use them as crease colours. I also like shade 1 because it is a really light pink with a hint of shimmer which I think works great on the brow bone, I like some shimmer there, but not too much... shade 1 is perfect for this.

Swatches of Shades 7 - 12 without flash
Swatches of Shades 7 - 12 with flash

Out of shades 7 - 12, my favourites here are shades 7 and 8, especially 8, which is a nice rich brown with almost a hint of olive. The two least pigmented colours are shades 10 and 11, but they still work really well

Overall this is a great palette, it is the perfect starter palette for anyone's collection... you can achieve a nude eye or a smokey eye and anything in between. All of the shadows are very soft and easy to use, and the colour pay off is awesome. I would say that the highly metallic colours are the stars here, and the matte ones are just good. A good addition to this palette would have been a mirror, but for the price, I can't complain. I don't think anyone will need to get the Naked Palette if they have the Undressed Palette by MUA, and its a super cheap alternative.

That wraps up my week of MUA reviews! Now I can move on. Thanks for reading, please remember to follow my blog!


  1. Wow, what a pretty palette! Looks really versatile and well-pigmented. Shades 4, 6, 7, and 8 look especially gorgeous. And what an amazing value when compared with the UD Naked Palette!

    1. I agree, those shades are amazing! Shade 6 (the gold) is really nice but I probably won't get much use of it because I have the Going for Gold palette which is gold overload!

  2. Oh it's so gorgeous! I was so lucky I got the last one in my store and I haven't stopped staring at it, I don't even want to swatch it just yet, it's too pretty!

    Ali xx

  3. I have the Naked palette and I can really see the similarities between this MUA one and it. Beautiful, very wearable shades and excellent price too!

    1. I still want the Naked palette, but I think I would prefer to get the Naked 2 palette now

  4. These colours are lovely :) and at £4 they are a complete bargain! I ordered a few things from the MUA website the other day & cant wait to play about with them xox

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  5. your review of this and the swatches were the main reason i bought this palette!! :)

    1. thats very sweet. I hope you like the palette :p

  6. looks a cheaper version of Naked Palette..isnt it doll??


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