Review and swatches: MUA Lipsticks in Shade 11 and Shade 16 (Nectar), MUA pressed powder in Shade 1, and MUA eyebrow pencil in Blonde. | KITSCH/SNITCH

Review and swatches: MUA Lipsticks in Shade 11 and Shade 16 (Nectar), MUA pressed powder in Shade 1, and MUA eyebrow pencil in Blonde.

July 30, 2012 Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

If you follow this blog, you will realise that I have been doing quite a few MUA reviews after receiving a haul last week - which you can see here. In this review today I will talk about two lipsticks (shades 11 and 16), the pressed powder in shade 1, and the eyebrow pencil in Blonde (yes, I know I am not a blonde!).

You can buy all of these products from MUA's website

MUA Lipstick

The packaging is fine, I was expecting a really cheap plastic since these cost so little, but the packaging isn't flimsy. The only problem I have with the packaging is that the lids don't sit very tight; I would be worried that these could come loose in my bag. I like the coloured plastic at the bottom which shows what shade the lipstick is without having to look closely at the name. The plastic actually matches the lipstick colour really well.

So while I was ordering a few items, I thought I should try out their £1 lipsticks. As a rough guide, £1 equals roughly AU$1.50. I got one of the new shades - the orange-peachy colour which is shade 16 Nectar. I also wanted a medium toned nude (because light nudes make me look dead) and so I chose shade 11. I chose shade 11 because after looking at swatches on the internet it seemed like the right shade I was looking for. In the tube it looks really really dark!

Lips with no lipstick
 Shade 16 - Nectar
Shade 11
Note: Normally I show swatches with and without flash. Since today is so overcast, the without flash photos came out really dark. I only put the ones with flash because they were much more true to life.

These lipsticks are really sheer. They don't add too much colour to the lips, but they are pretty smooth. These two shades don't contain shimmer, and they have a slight vanilla/coconut smell to them. I like crazy bold colours so shade 16 didn't really do it for me, but the orange/peach colour is nice. I was happy that shade 11 was sheer, purely because otherwise this would have been a dark brown which is really hard to wear. I should have chosen a lighter colour, since I was looking for a medium toned nude lipstick, but I guess thats the gamble of buying online.

Being sheer, these lipsticks don't last very long at all. For such a cheap lipstick, I don't expect MAC quality, so I'm not really fussed that they are sheer and wear off quickly, but they aren't must have lipsticks in my opinion.

I would recommend these if you like a very sheer lip. They are easy to apply - but you will find yourself reapplying them often. Also if you are just starting up your lipstick collection, these are a good start, as you can get heaps of shades for the price of one MAC lipstick. If I lived in the UK I would probably pick up more of these, but being in Australia and having to order them online, I wouldn't really bother going to all the effort to specifically buy these. 

See an arm swatch of these lipsticks later in this post.

MUA Eyebrow Pencil in Blonde

Yay! I love eyebrow products, and like the lipsticks, this cost £1. I would have got brown but the only one in stock on the MUA website was blonde. It looked brown enough for me to try. I am pretty impressed with this pencil. It's smooth and easy to use, and great value! I also love the packaging, I like how the brush at the end has a cover.

The colour is a slightly warm taupe (see swatch at the end of this post), but works well enough for my brown eyebrows. I tend to use this on days where I want my eyebrows to look neat and filled in but not too overly drawn. This may be a little warm for people with light eyebrows, but the warmth may be nice for people with red to mousey brown hair - I have no idea, just speculating.

My only problem with this pencil (and it is a minor problem), is that because its quite soft it wears down pretty quickly and requires regular sharpening. Oh my other problem with this is that I should have bought more of them!

MUA Pressed Powder in Shade 1

This is another great deal! 5.7 grams of product for £1 ($1.50). I wasn't expecting much from such a cheap powder, but I really like this powder. I got this in the lightest shade, but its not super light which is good for my light-medium skin tone. It's also not too yellow or too pink, I would say it is a really nice neutral peach shade. I have combination to oily skin so I rely heavily on powder, and this one gives good coverage without being too cakey or powdery. I don't know if this will settle in dry skin or not. It smells a little cheap (sort of like talcum powder), but you can't smell it when you put it on, you can only smell it when you literally smell the pan. 

The packaging is quite a sturdy clear plastic, it doesn't a mirror or an applicator, but you can't expect everything for such a low price. Just like the eyebrow pencil, I wish I had ordered more of these, I can imagine getting a lot of use out of it. See swatch of the powder below.

Left to right: Lipstick Shade 16 and Shade 11, Pressed Powder in Shade 1, Eyebrow Pencil in Blonde

Over all, I really like this £1 range from MUA, they are decent product for a super cheap price. I highly recommend the eyebrow pencil and pressed powder if you want value for money. If you like sheer lipsticks, also give these lipsticks a try.

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  1. I reckon I'll pick up an MUA eyebrow pencil when I'm in London later this year. I'm pretty sold on them from your glowing description.

    1. Don't get me wrong, they aren't the best eyebrow pencils in the world. But they are damn good for $1.50!

  2. I might try out the eyebrow pencil now :) And I really want to get the lipstick in shade 16, so pretty xx

  3. I really want to try those lipsticks!
    I thought 11 would be too dark but it looks nice when applied


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