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Prestige eyebrow products

July 6, 2012 Melbourne VIC, Australia

I love eyebrow products, I use them more than eyeliner these days, and I respect companies who put effort into their eyebrow products. I was in Priceline yesterday looking with my friend for her first ever eyebrow pencil, and I wasn't too happy with the light eyebrow colours offered by most of the common "drug store" bands, I found that most light colours were really gold toned. I usually wear dark brown eyebrow products, so I have never come across this issue, but my friend has very fair eyebrows. Anyway I thought I would look at Prestige since I have used their eyebrow pencil before and was happy with it (see my June empties post). I was so impressed with their selection of eyebrow products! They have two types of eyebrow pencils (each coming in three shades), an eyebrow pen, eyebrow gel, a highlighter pencil and a brow shaping kit. You can see more details of these at

I ended up buying a couple of products for myself. I bought the clear gel for $12.95 and an eyebrow pencil for $13.95. I bought the pencil in BU 01 - Blondy, only because I though the colour was great for more natural eyebrows. The colour is great, it is not too gold or orange, its like a nice warm taupe colour (see swatch below). The pencil is also really soft and easy to use. I found this Ultimate pencil was much smoother than the Classic eyebrow pencil, I also like the twist applicator.

I really want to go back and buy the Brow Duo Illuminating Jumbo Pencil! I respect Prestige for having such a good range of brow products, and I encourage anyone who wants affordable eyebrow products to check Prestige out!

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  1. Hi, I have the same pencil, the same shade.

    My brows are light, since I'm blonde and this pencil makes them a bit orangy, but I still like it:)

    p.s. I got mine from and it was much cheaper them buying it in store:)


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