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My Baby Foot experience

July 29, 2012 Melbourne VIC, Australia

I got this Baby Foot Easy pack with my July Lust Have It! box, and I was super excited to give it a go. It's winter so I have been neglecting my feet, they are either in shoes, socks or slippers; I have even stopped worrying about painting my toe nails. Anyway, my feet aren't bad, I don't have flaky or dry skin on my feet, but I do have some slightly thicker skin on my heel and on the side of my foot near my big toes. In summer when I am wearing sandals a lot, I tend to moisurise my feet a little because they can dry out from being exposed all the time... aaanyway what I am getting at is that my feet aren't in dire need of a foot treatment, but I have excited to give this a go and to get my feet summer ready.

Inside the pack you get these two attractive plastic boots that are sealed at the top and require cutting with scissors to put your feet in. Then you get a strip of tape, which rips apart into six pieces.

Above is the directions. What I did was I had a shower and I blocked the plug hole a little so I was standing in water for a few minutes. After I dried off (and got dressed), I cut the top of the foot pack and then put my foot inside and folded the excess plastic over to make it fit more snug and then I taped it down. I repeated this with the other foot and then I put my slippers over the top, since step 2 said for increased absorption to wear a pair of socks over the top, and also because they were pretty cold to begin with. You need to keep them on for two hours, and make sure you arm yourself with snacks and drinks, because you should keep walking around to a minimum so you don't make a hole in the bag.

Ok so the pack has some further warnings under the directions (I forgot to take a photo of them close up, so I had to crop it badly from one of the above photos). The main things to remember are to do a patch test before you try this (which I did not do), do not use if you are pregnant or diabetic (which I am not... I think), and to take nail polish off before you use this (luckily I didn't have nail polish on since I noticed that warning after putting these on my feet!).


I found that when I took these off, the arch of my feet felt a little tingly. I'm not sure if that was psychological at all or if thats a common feeling. I stupidly didn't take photos of my feet before, but I will insert photos as they start to peel, and after it is all done. I did this two days ago and I haven't yet seen signs of feeling, however I do think the soles of my feet are starting to dry out a little. Let the peeling begin!

If you are interested in this product, you can find out more at Accordng to Lust Have It! these retail for AU$29.95.

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Edit: This process took about two weeks to start seeing significant peeling (which I did take photos of, but I'm not sure where I stored them). It then took about another week or so for the peeling to end. Afterwards the skin on my feet was softer, but I would not say it was anything close to the claim of baby feet. I would compare it to what your feet would be like after two or three times of soaking your feet and then scrubbed them with a pumice. So it did give a good result, but nothing you couldn't achieve on your own. I did also find that the softness only lasted a month or so before it pretty much going back to normal. I think to maintain the effect, you would need to regularly exfoliate your feet.


  1. Cool item~ Let us know how it goes!

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  2. I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award lovely, have a look at my blog for all the info!

    Ali xx

  3. Amazing blog for kids. I would like to share this item with you baby foot


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