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Maybelline Color Tattoo in 25 Bad to the Bronze - review, swatches, and comparison with Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Marry Up

July 3, 2012

Finally! Maybelline Color Tattoo has been released in Australia. Why oh why does it take so long to release these new products? Anyway I went to Target yesterday to pick a few of these babies up. I heard that Target were having a 30% off Maybelline sale, which brought these down to about $8 each (I think from $11.95). Sadly the display box was sort of put to the side and it was empty, so I figure not all stores have them out on display yet.

I ended up going to Chemist Warehouse instead, where there was a 15% off sale and I picked up one up for $10. I originally wanted to get both the 25 Bad to the Bronze, and the 35 Tough as Taupe, but they didn't have any Tough as Taupe left - but I did get to play with the sample and I really want it as it's one of the few matte color tattoos and I think I would get a lot of use out of it. Anyway so I walked away only with the 25 Bad to the Bronze, so that's what this review is about today.

Edit: I have now bought a few more of these, see my swatches here.

Above is what the product looks like in the jar. The packaging is great, the jar is a heavy glass with a black screw top lid. The lid has the details of the product listed on it (see the first photo of this post). The swatches are below - the first is without flash and the second is with flash.

As you can see from the swatches, this bronze is slightly browner than I expected, it's much cooler toned than a typical bronze. It is very shimmery, like most of the colours in this range. 

I wanted to compare this to my Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Marry Up since that has been my go to bronze cream shadow for the last few months. I even included it in my June Favourites blog post

Comparison with Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Marry Up

The Maybelline color tattoo in Bad to the Bronze is on the left and the Benefit cream shadow in Marry Up is on the right (this is the same with the swatches below). 

Firstly, you can see straight away that the Benefit shadow is a much warmer colour. I personally like them both, but I think the Benefit cream shadow is more of a true bronze, and the Maybelline color tattoo is more of a typical brown

Secondly the color tattoo looks larger, but it contains 4 grams of product, compared to the Benefit shadow which contains 4.5 grams. 

Thirdly, it doesn't show too well on the swatches, but I think the Maybelline color tattoo has more finely milled shimmer and looks more metallic, and less glittery than the Benefit cream shadow

Fourthly, the Benefit cream colour has a sweet caramel type smell to it, but the Maybelline color tattoo smells a little like wax. 

Lastly, I find that the Benefit cream shadow starts creasing after around 6 hours, whereas the Maybelline color tattoo creased on me today after about 4 hours (both without primer)

I like both of these products, I especially like the cooler tone to the Bad to the Bronze color tattoo, but I think overall I like formula of the Benefit cream colour a bit better. I know Benefit is more expensive, so I would probably find myself buying more Maybelline color tattoos, purely because of the price.

For all of you in Australia, if you can't find these on sale in Target, they will be 15% off at Priceline starting on the 5th of July.


  1. I love these! I haven't tried the benefit one but the maybeline one is a really good base:)

    I'm really new to blogging too would love if you could check out my page and maybe follow if you like, I'm open to suggestions!

  2. I was super excited when I saw these were finally out here in Aus. I kept hearing about them on every international beauty blog under the sun. I actually snapped up this very same shade from Chemist Warehouse too. Along with the emerald one. I have to say, after a couple of uses, I'm really pleased with them. I feel like they crease less than my MAC Paint Pot (and for a fraction of the price). I haven't tried Benefit's version, but I'm yet to hear a bad review. So my expectations are high for that one.

    Good luck tracking down Tough As Taupe!

  3. I love Bad to the Bronze! I also have Bold Gold and Edgy Emerald. I've not tried the MAC or Benefit ones but am really happy with these! I had Tough as taupe and sold it in a blog sale:/ now am having second thoughts!

    1. I want the gold one too! Emerald is super pretty, but I cant imagine wearing it often, do you get much use out of it?

    2. I've only worn it twice- first time on my lower lash line and really liked it! it stayed on most of the night (I was at a wedding) and really popped out. I also tried it in my crease with the gold and quite liked it!

  4. Such a gorgeous shade, I really want some of the Benefit cream shadows they're so pretty and I love the birds on the packaging.

    1. The benefit ones are great, but pretty pricey. I bought a few more color tattoos today :)

      Thanks for following btw xx


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