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Lust Have It! July box

July 25, 2012 Melbourne VIC, Australia

Finally! It's Lust Have It! time of the month. I must admit, this did arrive pretty late (25th of July), and it's not a big deal, but I do look forward to the mail man every day hoping that this would come. This months box is worth the wait, I am happy with what we got. I'm also loving the colour of the bag! If you are interested in joining up for Lust Have It! you can go to their website for more information.

So above shows the details of the items in July's pack, and below is a photo of what I got.

Baby Foot:
This is a great surprise, and it is not something I would normally think of buying for myself, but I am very interested in using it. It seems a bit weird that dead skin cells will start feeling off, but I guess that it sound quite effective. I just need to find two hours where I'm not doing much so I can use this. These retail for $29.95 so already this months box is great value. The directions found on the pack are shown below

In with the Baby foot also came a 20% discount for your next purchase of Baby Foot. If I like this product, I will no doubt take that offer up. These was also a bonus offer to enter into a competition to win a lash product from Mirenesse (which I have just entered, fingers crossed!)

Matrix Mix In Shine:
Hair products are always a winner in my book, I don't tend to experiment with different hair products often, so I love getting samples like this. The samples are quite large (4.4mL) and you get two of them. I recently cut my hair pretty short so I should be able to get a couple of uses out of each sample. Looking forward to trying this!

Mirenesse Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine:
I am really happy with this! A full size of this costs $39.95, and I looked up the Mirenesse site and found that this mini costs $12.95.

The container doesn't say the name of the colour, but it does say it is no 31 which the site says is called Narcissus. It's an opaque nude pink/mauve colour with no shimmer and it is really pretty. In the tube it looks a bit scary, almost like a grandmother colour, but swatched is really nice.

Swatch - left without flash, and right is with flash

Swatch without flash

Swatch with flash

This is much lighter than my natural lip colour, which normally I don't like, but for some reason this looks really really pretty. It isn't at all sticky, and lasts quite a long time... even lasted through drinking a cup of tea. You can build it up to make it more opaque, or make it a little more sheer. It does also have a plumping effect, is made in Australia, contains organics and minerals, free from synthetic fragrance, no toxic, hypoallergenic, not tested on animals etc etc etc. I'm loving this gloss so far, and am really happy with the colour I got. I will look into getting more of these in the future for sure!

Avene products:
Last but not least, I got a firming gel, a body lotion, and a compensating cream sample from Avene. I have never tried this brand, and its not cheap, so I am really looking forward to seeing if they are worth the money! I will insert a review after I have given these a go.

Overall: A really great box, definitely worth the wait, and I will use every single product. One of the best boxes to date! This is pretty much a 10/10 box for me, very very happy! Thanks Lust Have It!


  1. Woah! My pack is COMPLETELY different to this. I still got a few Avene products, but they're different to these. I actually wasn't as happy as you are. Possibly because I already have Avene samples coming out of my behind (from previous boxes) and I just didn't feel there was anything new or different in this month's pack. Mine was a little uninspiring to tell you the truth. Nevermind. I'm sure I'll use most of the products - and that's the main thing!

    Good luch with the lash competition!

    1. Haha. Yeah I think I was really happy because the lipgloss is awesome and these were all new items for me. Did you get the box with shampoo and make up remover? I don't think I would have been as happy with that one because I have enough shampoo and make up remover in my bathroom

    2. Sure did. The Matrix Shampoo & Conditioner as well as the Avene Eye Makeup Remover with all the expiry issues. Oh well. There's always next month.

    3. Hopefully next month comes a little earlier than the 25th!

  2. ooooooooooooooo
    i would have much rather liked the shine serum.
    now im annoyed haha


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