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Review: John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in 3N Deep Brown Black

July 16, 2012 Melbourne VIC, Australia

I decided to dye my hair today, my hair has been looking terrible lately, I haven't dyed my hair for over 2 months (see my lovely regrowth below). As part of a John Frieda Facebook promo, if you were one of the first few thousand people who entered your details, they sent you a coupon for a free John Frieda Precision Foam Colour, which you could take to a Woolworths supermarket and choose a Precision Foam colour of your choice. These normally retail for $22.99 in Australia. Since it is winter I decided to go a bit darker than normal, the colour I chose was 3N Deep Brown Black. The hair dye pack contains all of the products shown above. I was quite impressed with the conditioner, it contains a huge 50mL of product and actually smells nice! It smells fruity, and not like chemicals.

Below is the instruction sheet. I like the addition of the photos, they make the instructions quite clear. The main differences between this hair dye and normal hair dye is that when you are mixing the colourant and developer you don't shake the bottle, you need to gently tilt the bottle to mix it. Also to get the foam out of the container, there isn't a pump, you have to instead squeeze the middle of the bottle and the foam will come out of the nozzle.

Just thought I would mention that I love the inclusion of the black gloves. I have never used hair dye from a box that contains black gloves, and it feels very salon professional. The foam is great for people like me. I am horrible at dying my own hair, I usually get it all over my bathroom and it gets dripped all down my face and neck. The foam prevents the dripping and it made my hair dying experience so much easier! The only problem with the foam was that it takes longer to apply - as the dye is in a foam form, only a little bit of dye actually comes out in each pump (or squeeze). That's really not a big problem as it might add 5 min onto the application process.

This is what the hair dye came out like, its probably darker than I wanted (I was silly and bought the darkest brown you can get), but I guess some of the colour will wash out. The colour does seem to be even all over, and I am very happy with the whole experience. 

I highly recommend this product for people who wants to dye their own hair with minimum mess and fuss! Has anyone else tried this hair dye?


  1. I've never tried dying my hair, it doesn't look too hard especially with the foam :) I think the colour really suits you, even if it's a tad darker than maybe what you were going for.

  2. That colour is really lovely! (and I'm so jealous of your long eyelashes!) :)


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