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Hubner Silicea Gel review

July 4, 2012

I used to use hair, nail and skin vitamins a few years ago, but stopped because I either didn't see too much of a difference. I am trying to grow my hair longer so I thought I might get back into hair, nail and skin supplements again. I did a quick internet search and I found people saying good things about Hübner silicea, so I had a look around and I bought this twin pack of the gel for $50. Each individual 500ml container cost around $34.99 each so I though this was a good deal.

I didn't want to go for the gel originally, I prefer to pop a pill and get it over with, but there was a pack of 60 tablets that you have to take three times a day, or there was a pack of 30 tablets that you take 1-2 tablets a day and both of those backs were approximately $30-$35. Since this twin pack has about 66 serves in it, I thought it was the way to go.

Above is the back of the box, and below is one of the two bottles of gel that come in the pack.

I was a little surprised when I first opened the bottle, I knew this was a gel, but for some reason I was expecting a liquid. The instructions say to put 15ml, or approximately a tea spoon, into a glass of water or a glass of juice. It is recommended to do this once a day.

As you can see from the above photos, the gel is clear with a slight clouded look. Once you mix it into the water, the water goes a little cloudy. There is no taste to this liquid, but you can feel that the texture of the water becomes a little thicker.

So far so good, this is my third day of drinking this and I will try to keep it up. It normally takes a few months to start seeing any significant results, but this routine isn't hard and will be easy to maintain. It also encourages you to drink more water!

Does anyone else use this?

Two month update:
I must admit, I have not been drinking this every day, I was very good for the first few weeks but then slacked off a little, and now I drink it most days. It has been two months and I have not noticed any difference in my nails or skin, but I have noticed that my hair seems to be growing faster than usual, I am getting a lot more regrowth and I need to get my hair cut slightly more frequently than before. I'm not sure what differences I should be seeing in my skin, but I do predict that in a few more months when my nails have completely grown out, I may start noticing a difference with them.


  1. It's been a few months, how are you liking it? I am considering purchasing but would like to know if it's worth it. Thanks!!

    1. I havent seen too much of a difference yet, but my hair hasn't grown all that much... I think these things take a long time to start seeing a difference

  2. Hi ladies,

    I started taking this 3 months ago for my nails - it's made an amazing difference. My nails used to chip and break and I couldn't grow them at all, actually they would chip down so low it was painful. I now have fingernails!! I have taken it every day and when I have forgotten at night I have had some the next morning to make it up. I am having a little more than a teaspoon in each dose.

    Can't say I have noticed any difference in my hair or skin .. but I guess I haven't really been looking because I wanted this solely for nail growth.

    Hope that helps :-)

  3. Hello ladies! I just purchased this off of Amazon & it's too soon to see any change in my hair & nails. My nails are already strong & a nice length due to taking vitamins everyday. What i have noticed is it really makes me more regular..cleans me out! Make sure you're taking the 15ml as directed. Mine came with a measuring spoon for accuracy but i think 15ml equals a tablespoon. Hope this helps..Good health! :-)

  4. After less than 2 weeks of taking it and rather spottily. I noticed my dyed roots grew out and 2-3 times the normal speed. Amazing! I actually bought it to help mend 3 broken bones in my left foot but hey, if I get healthier hair, nails and skin too, I can certainly live with that. I did notice on the box or bottle that it says that once opened be sure to refrigerate and to discard unused portion after a month in the fridge, if there is still any left in the container and get a new container.

    1. Yes it loses its potency after 4wks once opened

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