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Too Faced Lip Bronzer Review

June 10, 2012

I bought these lip glosses a little while ago when they were buy one get one free. There are three colours in the range, and the two I got were Pink Leopard and Sun Bunny, I believe the third is called  Snow Bunny which is the the normal brown shimmer layer (that you can see in the photo above), but instead of the pink or the light brown layer, it has a really light yellow/white layer. 

The box for the lip glosses are the same for each colour, the only difference is the sticker on the side that says which gloss your buying. See photos below

The packaging of these lip glosses are pretty typical of squeezy tubes (see photo below). But the design is cute, and the layering of the two colours is quite unique

Here are the swatches of Pink Leopard (top), and Sun Bunny (bottom). The second photo is from another angle that shows you that the Pink Leopard gloss is more sheer than the Sun Bunny 

These are the swatches on my lips:
Pink Leopard - light application

Pink Leopard - heavy application

Sun Bunny - light application

Sun Bunny - heavy application

Pink Leopard:
I love the smell of this gloss, it is a really yum strawberry that I can't get enough of. As for the gloss itself, meh it's pretty thick and gloopy. You would pretty much only buy these for the yum factor, and not the quality of the gloss. I like how this one is quite sheer, it gives a little colour and shimmer to the lips. You will see that even with the heavy application, this lip gloss stays quite sheer and doesn't build up the shimmer, unlike Sun Bunny. I would repurchase this gloss for the smell alone.

Sun Bunny:
Not a fan of this gloss! Firstly it smells like plastic chocolate, which I think is pretty gross, but I have looked up reviews and there are a lot of people who love the smell. If you don't mind fake chocolate smell, give this a try. Other than that, the gloss is far too shimmery, it looks like I have just stepped out of the 90's with a frosty brown lipstick. The light swatch on my lips doesn't look too bad, but in real life it looks worse. The excessive shimmer makes your lips look really frosty, even when you only use a small amount. I would not recommend this gloss unless you love the look of frosty shimmery lips.


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