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Sleek Blush By 3: review and swatches. Comparison between Rose Gold and Guipure

June 29, 2012

2012 has been my year of the blushes. I have bought so many new ones, and I just placed an order on the Sleek website to order a few more. Everyone reviews this Lace Blush By 3 palette, which is why I hadn't reviewed it previously, but because I ordered two more Blush By 3, I thought I would do a quick review of the Lace Blush By 3 palette that I already have.

The Lace palette contains three blushes: Crochet, Guipure, and Chantilly. I got this palette from ebay a few months ago and I believe it cost around $12 for the palette, which I was very happy about, especially since this Lace palette has been out of stock on the sleek site for a little while now.

This is the typical Sleek packaging. Its a bit messy because I have been using this palette for a while

As you can see from the back of the packaging, there is 20g of product. The orange colour is Crochet, the shimmery pink/gold is Guipure, and the coral red colour is Chantily, and the swatches of these colours are below.

Without Flash:
Left to right Crochet, Guipure, and Chantily

With Flash
Left to right Crochet, Guipure, and Chantily

This palette is super pigmented, and the colours can be built up stronger than in the swatches above. Both Crochet and Chantily are matte colours, which are awesome but they may be a little powdery on darker skin tones. The Guipure is a pink blush with heaps of gold shimmer, and is very very similar to Sleek's popular Rose Gold blush. My favourite of the colours is the orange one, and I like to blend this with Guipure as well to give a little shimmer on the top of the cheek instead of a highlight. That is what I have done in the picture below

This palette does look brighter in real life than it does on the sleek website.  My only issue with this palette (which is not much of an issue), is that the middle pink/gold colour identical/almost identical to Sleek's Rose Gold blush that I already had. Some people say that the Guipure colour is more peach, and that the Rose Gold is more pink, but I'm skeptical so I decided to do a comparison myself.

Comparison between Guipure and Rose Gold

This is the packaging for the Rose Gold Blush. It is a mini version of the Blush By 3 packaging

Below is a comparison of what the two colours looks like in the pan. As you can see, the single blush is slighly larger than the one in the palette. The Rose Gold contains 8 grams of product, whereas the trio contain approximately 6.66 grams each blush. I personally think the colours in the pan look the same. If I am clutching at straws, I might say the Rose Gold is a little more peachy?

Here are the blushes swatched. Guipure is on the left and Rose Gold is on the right

Without flash

With flash:

Hmmmm... what do you guys think? I don't really see any difference. My recommendation is that if you have the Lace palette, you do not need to buy Rose Gold. If you have Rose Gold but you love the orange and the red that come with this palette, go ahead and buy it, but just be aware that you're not getting three brand new colours. Even if there is a slight difference between Guipure and Rose Gold, it's not noticeable enough to need to have both.

Edit: I did a quick search for peoples swatches of these two blushes, and some do look different and and others don't. It seems like they look different when people are comparing Guipure with a heavily used Rose Gold. My theory is that maybe there is a newer formula of Rose Gold, and if you have bought Rose Gold recently (like me) then it's pretty much the same as Guipure, whereas older versions of Rose Gold are much more pink than Guipure.

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  1. I'm planning to buy Lace and that was a very helpful review. Thanks! :) x


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