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Pink nails using Nail It! nail polish from Sportsgirl

June 24, 2012

If you are a female in Australia, I'm sure you have a few of these nail polishes floating around. This is the nail polish from Sportsgirl, which I suppose is like the Australian version of Top Shop. This isn't the best quality nail polish around, but I love these! Sportsgirl bring out about a dozen new colours every season, so there are always fun new colours to choose from. They also aren't too expensive, I think they retail for $7.95, but you can always find some older season colours on sale for as little as $2. This brand of nail polish makes up the bulk of my nail polish collection, and I rarely wear anything else.

I decided to do my nails with these colours today. From left to right: Lipstick, Fruit Tingle, Rockmelon, Party Pink, and French.

So all I did was paint each nail a different colour, starting from the darkest colour and finishing with the lightest colour. I used two coats on each nail, except for Fruit Tingle where I needed three coats.

What do you guys think?


  1. I've actually never tried these polishes. I feel like it's probably time to take a trip to Sportsgirl and have a look.

    Oh and the gradient effect is a nifty idea.

    1. I'm shocked! I thought everyone owned this nail polish! The top photo isn't even my whole collection, I know I have some more hiding in my room somewhere :P

  2. Hey. Just wondering where I could buy the old season polishes?


    1. I dont think you can. The closest you can get is looking in their bargain bins for cheap last season polishes... I don't think you can get any of their really old stock anywhere, except for maybe ebay


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