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New Mimco bag

June 7, 2012 Melbourne VIC, Australia

I bought this satchel, brand new with tags and plastic coverings, from ebay. It's the Bergman Satchel in Cognac which origianlly retailed for $450. It did cost me $160, which is a bit of a splurge, but I really wanted this bag when originally came out about a year ago and I couldn't justify paying the full amount. So I was thrilled when I found it on ebay.

If anyone is reading this thinking, "why does this girl have so much time on her hands, she's been writing a blog entry every day", don't worry, I do contribute to society but I have taken the week off work to study for my exams. I have been sitting behind my laptop for about 10-12 hours a day, and although I have successfully read and reduced a 600 word commercial law textbook into a 45 page word document, I have also managed to procrastinate and do a lot of internet shopping during that time too.

Anyway, I'm keen to hear about other people's awesome deals they've found on ebay!

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