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My first Lust Have It! box review

June 4, 2012 Melbourne VIC, Australia

I wanted to buy a beauty box, hoping that by receiving one in the mail each month will stop me from buying so much online. Anyway, after looking at numerous YouTube reviews on the beauty boxes available in Australian, and I took the plunge and ordered a 12 month subscription to the Lust Have It! box. I ordered it here and paid $160 for the 12 months.

I ordered it mid-May and wasn't expecting anything until June, but surprise surprise, I got an email in the last week of May saying that my box had been dispatched! It included and a link so that I could track it ever step of the way - I was impressed. Two days later I received the May special addition pack, which as I understand, is an introductory pack valued at over $100. I guess it's a good way to get people hooked to the product. Please note that this is not the same May box that everyone else got, it's an introductory box.

I was really happy to see that the products came in a makeup bag (in my favourite colour), and overall I was impressed with every product included. I have no doubt that I will use every item. 

In the past few days since I received this box, I have tried most of the products. Here is my initial review on each of the products:
Lancome Juicy Tube - Berry
I am very happy this was included. I spend a lot of money on cosmetics, but I find spending $46.00 on a lip gloss ridiculous, so I have never bought one of these. This sample is 7ml, compared to the 15ml full sized version. It's a sheer pink with sparkle, and has a berry scent and a sweet taste. It is not a sticky gloss, but it is very thick. 
I'm glad I have had a chance to try one of these, but it hasn't impressed me enough to want to buy a full sized version.
Davroe Moisture Senses Argan Oil 
This oil claims to be "weightless and non greasy, it will immediately be absorbed". I tried this oil yesterday, mon greasy - yes, but I find that it doesn't absorb as fast as Moroccan Oil. I have currently using Babyliss PRO Argan Oil and I HATE it, it is sooo greasy and I need to wash my hands after using it. This one is 10 times better than the Babyliss oil, but it's not quite as good as Moroccan Oil. One interesting thing about this Davroe oil is that it doesn't smell anything like typical hair oil, it has a really nice subtle floral and sweet scent, that's described on the bottle as jasmine musk. I prefer this smell than the typical hair oil smell. 

I would definitely consider buying this product, I love the smell, but I have quite oily hair and because Moroccan Oil is a lighter oil, I would prefer Moroccan Oil over the Davroe oil.

Kosmea Replenishing Moisture Cream and Purifying Cream Cleanser
I have tired these products for a couple of days now, and they seem to work quite well. They both contain organic rose hip oil, which is quite a strong smell. I'm not a big fan of strong floral scents, so I naturally would not go for this product. Also the full sized bottles are pretty expensive, so I probably wouldn't buy them... but it was nice to try them. I will edit more information in if I find that longer use has some amazing effect. WARNING: this cleanser is a cream cleanser, so if you like your cleanser to foam, this is not for you! When I first tried it, I thought I accidentally used the moisturiser as a the cleanser.

Evo The Great Hydrator Moisture Mask
I haven't used this yet, but I am very excited to! This is a hair mask and I love a good hair mask, because I have damaged ends from dying and styling. I would purchase a full size of this on the smell alone. It has a delicious cinnamon smell, and I would love my hair to smell like this.

Glasshouse Marseille Fragrance Body Bar
I haven't opened this yet, but the scent is gardenia and it is pretty strong. Like I said before, I don't like strong floral scents, and this is exactly what I don't like.  I love soaps that smell fruity like citrus or sweet like vanilla. If this is a good soap, I might see what other fragrances it comes in. 

I will use this, but I doubt I will repurchase this exact product.

Update: I have started using the soap, and for some strange reason the smell is nicer in the shower than when you smell the bar dry. It also makes the bathroom smell nice. 

Grabtree and Evelyn India Hicks Island Living Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy
It has a long title, but it's a hand cream. This is a great size for a sample, it's 25g vs the full version which is 50g. It it quite thick, but absorbed very well. It has left my hands super soft and there is no greasy residue which I am delighted about. The smell is ok, it's a soft citrus with lily. 

The fact that this absorbs so well would mean that I could happily repurchase this, however I never tend to use hand cream enough to go buy some. I usually have a few kicking around from Christmas presents, and it takes me two years to use them up.

I have been very impressed with the products, the fast delivery, and the delivery updates. Overall, I highly recommend the Lust Have It beauty box


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    1. Thanks so much, I'm such a noob.
      You're my first comment and possible follower xx

    2. Haha! No problem. Yeah blogger's kind of tricky. Not really the most user friendly for us not-so-technically-apt people! I only just found out how to unfollow pages!

      In other news, yay! First follower indeed! Thanks for following mine as well.

      I totally relate to everything you wrote in your profile by the way. No one in my 'real world' seems to be as interested in beauty stuff as me. So it can be a little awkward when I'm blathering about a primer or something and they're just staring at me blankly!

      Looking forward to your posts!

  2. I think you got a great bag! Great review too, by the way! :)


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