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MAC Overdyed Satin Powder Blush: review and swatches

June 30, 2012

New blush time! My boyfriend surprised me with this blush yesterday. I'm loving blue based pinks for winter so I was very happy with this present. The blush contains 6 grams of product and is a satin finish. In the pan this colour looks like a magenta, but I used it today and its like a nice bright plum on the cheeks. It's quite a pigmented colour, and when I first put it on I put too much on and had to mute it down with some powder. The trick with this blush is to start with a light hand. It is easy to blend though and has a nice slight shimmer to it. 

Swatch without flash
The blush blended, and more heavily swatched

Swatch with flash

As you can see from the swatch with the flash, there is a slight shimmer to the blush. It gives a nice glow to the cheeks without being too glittery. I haven't seen much about this colour blush previously, but I am looking forward to having more of a play with it.


  1. I love when people pick up non-hyped up blushes! Gives me a chance to see something I normally wouldn't and I love this! Great mix of pink & plum!

  2. Nice blusher.


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