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Korres Blush Review and Swatches

June 13, 2012 Melbourne VIC, Australia

I bought these Korres blushes a few months ago. They were on sale for $12 each; which is why I splurged and bought four of them. These are the Luminous Finish/Velvety Texture Zea Mays Blushes in the colours: 15 Natural, 16 Pink, 18 Peach, and 47 Orange Brown. I like the packaging, it's a pretty simple design, but the stickers underneath resemble the colour of the blush so its easy to pick the one you want, they also stack really well. 

Each blush has some shimmer to it. The least shimmery is the pink, followed by the natural. Orange brown has the most shimmer, which gives the blush a golden sheen (see the swatches below).

These blushes claim to have a luminous effect and have a smooth and even finish. I would agree with that statement, they are luminous in the sense that they all have a slight shimmer to them. They are also very smooth and finely grained. I guess the "even finish" may refer to the fact that even though they are pigmented, because the colours are very soft and natural, it is really difficult to build them up to a heavy colour. If you are the type of person who loves a heavy looking blush - these aren't for you, but if you prefer a more natural look then these are perfect. These blushes are pretty fool proof, since it's hard to build up the colour, then it's really hard to over do the blush, and they don't turn out patchy.

Heavily built up swatch. Left to right is 15 Natural, 16 Pink, 18 Peach, and 47 Orange Brown

 Lighter applied swatch. This shows what shimmer in the orange brown looks like

Have you tried any Korres products?

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  1. thanks for the swatches~! I wanted to buy them cause they are on sale again :)


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