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June Lust Have It Box

June 20, 2012 Melbourne VIC, Australia

Look what came in the mail today! This is the June, 2012 Lust Have It Box. I was glad to see another makeup bag, this time was a vibrant purple. I must admit, when I picked this pack up it was a little light. Lets see whats in it...

Ok so I decided to put a huge picture of the card, so you can all read the details of the products and also see how much the full sizes cost.

Lon Vitalite 24K Active Golden Yulan Oil Face Mask and 24K Active Gold Eye Mask:
I am happy to give these a go, I do prefer makeup in these Lust Have It Boxes, but the reason I signed up to these monthly boxes is to try new things. I don't think I would normally spend $59 on a pack of face masks, so I am interested to see how good they are! After I use the mask and eye mask I will add in a review of what I thought of them.

I used my mask today. I have used these types of masks before, and this did feel better quality than the other ones I have tried. The main reason I say this is because the liquid that the mask was in was much thicker (and slimier) than the cheaper masks, and this prevented the mask from drying out while it was on your face. Previous masks I have used start to come off because they dry out, but this mask stayed wet the whole 30 min that I kept it on (even though the directions said 15-20min). I did find that I had to lie down while using it because the mask was quite heavy and would slowly slip down your face. The mask liquid had a strong mango juice smell to it, but it was only noticeable when you first put the mask on. I used this mask on a really cold day and it became almost uncomfortably cold, sort of like when its winter and your socks get wet, and you have to put up with cold wet socks all day.
I did find that my face looked nice and plump after I took this off (possibly because my face was wet for half an hour), and 10 hours later my face does still feel soft, but I question whether this mask will have any long term effects. 

It's a bit of fun, but my recommendation is to get comfy on the couch with a good book in a warm room, and make sure you aren't expecting any visitors. Enjoy

Batist Blush Dry Shampoo:
I love dry shampoo, and I am currently using this very brand of dry shampoo but in the original scent. I will use this for sure! I also haven't tried the blush scent, so I'm happy with this addition to the beauty box. This is probably my most favourite item of the pack.

Bloom Glitter Eyeliner:
This is a full sized glitter eyeliner valued at $14.95, and contains 4 grams of product. I got the colour Star Gazer which is a black/grey glitter with hint of green, blue, pink and purple glitter. This glitter has a clear base so it would probably look best layered over an eyeliner. I don't know if other people got different colours, but I like the colour I got. I'm not huge into glitter liners, but because this one is a dark black/grey then it may look nice over a black liquid liner for a sparkly cat eye effect. The brush is thin enough to apply the product precisely.

Looking on the Bloom website I have noticed that this comes in four colours:
Lucky Star - silver sparkle
Rising Star - black and gold sparkle
Star Gazer - a smokey grey purple sparkle
Star Struck - a mauve pink sparkle

Out of these, my first preference would be Rising Star, because I wear more gold makeup than silver, and my second preference would be Star Gazer.

Swatch without flash
 Swatch with flash
This is a swatch of the glitter over black liquid eyeliner, compared to the glitter on its own. The glitter looks more subtle and less gritty over the black.

Perfume Samples:
I got Lola by Marc Jacobs and Eau de Parfum by Roberto Cavalli. Both of these samples have little pray lids that make it easier to use. I like Lola, it's a fresh floral scent, but I'm not the biggest fan of the one by Roberto Cavalli, it's a little too strong for my liking, and reminds me more of something my mum might wear, in fact I may give it to her. Perfumes in beauty boxes are a hit or a miss because people are quite particular about scents, but I will keep them in my bag and give them a go.

Overall this Lust Have It Box is quite good, I would prefer more makeup and nail polishes over perfumes, but I will use every product that they have included.

If anyone is interested in knowing how to order the Lust Have It Box, the website is http://www.lusthaveit.com.au/

Thanks for reading


  1. I think we got pretty much the same items, except I was lucky enough to score Rising Star! I think Star Gazer is also really pretty though!

    +1 follower! :)

    1. Oooh is rising star nice swatched?
      Thanks so much! xx

  2. I got exactlly the same bag as you m'dear. Bloom glitter liner, perfumes and all!

    I definitely agree with you there on the liner probably looking nicer over a black one. Glitter, when it's not catching the light, tends to look like you've got grit on your eyelids! After swatching it though, I'm optimistic. It doesn't budge once it's dry, and as you mentioned, the brush is so fine that I think it'd be relatively easy to apply.

    Oh, and reading the ingredients on the back of both the masks, I discovered that they're exactlly the same. Although on the back of each packet, they claim to do different things. Curious. I'm sceptical from the get-go, I have to say.

    1. Oh wow, whats your opinion of the perfumes? I'm not the biggest fan of the Roberto Cavalli one at all.

      Haha awesome call! the black glitter totally does look like dirt!

      I didn't notice that about the masks, but you're totally right! That makes me skeptical too, that pretty much means that the eye masks are pointless if you can just use the full face mask. Not cool. I don't like sachets of things in the Lust Have It boxes anyway, for some reason I would be must happier with something in a bottle... feels more substantial

    2. Yeah, I'm not completely sold on the Roberto Cavalli perfume either. I still think I'll give it a go one night though. The scent might change on me after a couple of hours. I quite like the Lola one though.

      I agree with you there on not really digging sachet samples. I feel like it's just not enough to give the product a proper test. Particularly if it's something like skincare.

  3. Hahahaha I love the picture of you using the mask :)

    I like the black eyeliner. It's much more useful than the purple one I got. Great post :)

    1. haha yeah the mask does look pretty ridiculous. the purple glitter may look nice in the inner corner of the eye, but lets face it, its hard to pull off glitter! I can't imagine using this eyeliner often :P Thanks so much for the comment xx


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