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Estee Lauder corporate store purchases

June 18, 2012 Melbourne VIC, Australia

I went to the Estee Lauder corporate store today with my good friend Kylie today (hi Kylie!), and picked up a MAC blush and an Estee Lauder lip gloss. For everyone who has no idea what the corporate store is, it's a store that sells MAC, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Clinique and a few other brands at discount prices. Generally this store is only available to staff of these brands, but often they will give out passes that allow the general public to shop at the store. The main things they sell at the store are products from limited addition collections that are no longer available in store.

I bought the MAC Mineralize Blush in Sakura from the Quite Cute collection that was out last year, I bought this for $30, this was originally $50 in Australia when it was available. This blush contains 4g of product. I also got the Estee Lauder Exotic Lip Gloss in 02 Wild Orchid from the Bronze Goddess collection, I bought this for $10, which was originally $40 in Australia when it was available. This contains 2ml of product.

Above is a swatch of the blush and lip gloss without flash. 
The first swatch is of the colour surrounding the heart, and the second swatch is of the heart section, the third swatch is of the blush combined, and the fourth is the lip gloss.

The below swatch is the same as above, but is with flash. This shows the shimmer in the lip gloss

Below is a close up of the lip gloss to show the blue/purple shimmer

MAC Mineralize Blush in Sakura:
I love this blush! It combines the satin finish mauve colour with the shimmery magenta heart to make a cool toned pink that has a slight shimmer. It's really pigmented, and is easy to apply. You can build it up to make a bold colour, or you can make it sheer and more natural. It's a great colour for winter because the cool toned pink looks great on pale skin. Also the design is really cute. I missed out on this collection, so I'm really glad I had another change to buy this.

Lauder Exotic Lip Gloss in 02 Wild Orchid:
This was an impulse buy, it just looked so pretty in the tube. It's a vibrant pink gloss that has a purple/blue shimmer in it. It's a really fun colour, but it is a little sheer (see the photo below). I guess this makes it more wearable during the day, but I think I might wear it over a pink lipstick to make a more bold lip. It smells so nice, almost like strawberry Nesquik (if anyone knows what that is), and it's quite a thick gloss but it isn't sticky, it does however have a slight grainy feel because of the glitter.

Me wearing the gloss and blush


  1. I want that blush! You should do a '60s look at some point. I love the blog Kat - <3 Kylie

  2. The blush design is adorable and I love the look. You're gorgeous! Following!♥

    1. Thanks so much for the nice comment. Yes, please follow, I really appreciate it! xx

  3. Ooooh! Lucky you! How did you manage to wangle your way in there? Was the store itself anything special? Cute MAC blush by the way. I've never seen one with a print in it like that before.

    1. It was open to employees at my bfs work (since its across the road from the corporate store) so i went with him, and then they gave me some passes that expire on the 30th of June. It's just a small store in a corporate building that has a bunch of discontinued stock. They sell it all for a minimum of 40% off. Theres not heaps to choose from, but it's worth a look

    2. Oh cool! Well 40% and up is definitely nothing to sneeze at.


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